The Idiot’s Guide to Car Setups

Print out a poster-sized version of this at Wal-Mart and hang it above your PC monitor.



3 thoughts on “The Idiot’s Guide to Car Setups

  1. Pretty neat. I have a pretty good understanding of setups and for some reason the mp4-12c gives me difficulties.

    It seems like I misunderstand the nature of the independent (or in some ways non-existent in the classic sense) anti-roll bars. Can’t find a setup I’m particularly happy with.


  2. You sure that chart is right? Or maybe I am reading it wrong, but if the car is oversteering on turn in the chart recommends more rear brake bias. Also not too sure about the toe in.


  3. Omg, haven’t seen this setup page in ages, used it for Atcc league for fwd cars in race07 for me it worked, after that I moved to setup developer from race2play


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