You’ll want this DiRT Rally Lancia Delta S4 Setup

At the end of each race weekend in RaceDepartment’s V8 Stock Car Championship, I upload the actual setup I used during the race at the bottom of my race recap posts to give the slower guys some sort of guidance – car setups can be hard if you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, and sometimes the default setups are intentionally designed to be slow and steady – not what you want if you’re trying to better yourself as a driver and get quicker.

I guess we’ll extend this to DiRT Rally.

WRThe leaderboard above is for the Pant Mawr stage in DiRT Rally, for the Group B 4WD class, otherwise known as the fastest, deadliest rally cars ever created. And we here at currently have the world record.

This setup was developed primarily by an ASA/ARCA/Wescar Late Model driver, and made even quicker by throwing the same camber and toe values I use in my Walk Racing Chevy Sonic. Somehow, this worked, and it’s blazing fast. Gears are intentionally lengthened to reduce time spent shifting (treat 2nd and 3rd gear as “low” and “high” as if you’re playing Pole Position). You’ll also need to upgrade your Group B Delta S4 through career mode to access these setup options – hopefully something that will be eradicated in an upcoming update. While the setup is developed for the insane back roads of Wales and Greece, taking it to Monte Carlo is as simple as dropping the ride height as low as it can go both up front and in the rear.

S4 SetupEventually, someone will go faster than a 2:35.343, but at least now you know where to start.

And don’t forget to check out both RallyGamer’s Playground AND for add-on liveries for this fantastic sim.



6 thoughts on “You’ll want this DiRT Rally Lancia Delta S4 Setup

  1. Codemasters game, trick setups. Do they ever learn? Would this setup ever be seen on a real life rally car? (Serious question)


  2. The setups in this game are extremely basic, we don’t even know what the actual spring rates are so to say if its been used in a real rally car is completely pointless, the only semi realistic option we have is diff setting and is where the most time can be found the numbers we use here are not that far off from an actual awd settin. Any setup IRL is a trick setup as well. They are made to fit personal driving style and everyone will be different, but there is always a fastest way to setup a car for each individual person theres no glitch setups so far or exploit setups if that’s what you mean. Adjustments react realistically and are only limited by physics of the game as any other game. The only game I have come across where you can actually build completely unrealistic set (and pretty much have to to be fast) is iRacing.


  3. Those CM setups are not possible for real rally cars. Cars are under FIA restrictions and can have only parts are approved. On 60’s cars basically have 2 different gearbox. Funnily all this is basic stuff for rally amateurs. You can check section 277 in this document I am not Mini expert but I read this that there is only two ratio posibilities in Mini Cooper S.

    And in many old rally cars, if you wan’t to change Camber. You have to use sledge hammer 😉


  4. Xbox user here, been enjoying this setup quite a bit.

    Hopefully you post more setups in future, I’d certainly try them out.


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