Could we see Motorcycles in Forza Motorsport 6?


What you’re looking at in the above picture are extracted files from the Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One disc. From the user, who most likely wishes to remain anonymous, “I cracked open the ISO for Forza Horizon 2. Noticed there are files for a Ducati 998 and a ZX14. Could be other stuff but that was a quick glance. I’ve only spent 5 minutes digging around.” Another comment the user made was “[there are] a lot of bike engines for swaps. I think the Radical was the only one to use a bike sound.”

Adding motorcycles to an Xbox-exclusive racing sim is nothing new. Project Gotham Racing 4 back in 2007 added motorcycles to the lineup with mixed results – riders were often bullied online by their four wheeled companions and the addition resulted in a significantly reduced car lineup, but on their own the bikes drove very well.

Really interesting discovery regardless of why the files are there. Could it be a precursor to Forza 6? Or were bikes originally going to be added to Horizon 2 but scrapped due to time constraints? Motorcycles also made an appearance in another open world driving game, Test Drive Unlimited, but were strangely absent for the sequel.


2 thoughts on “Could we see Motorcycles in Forza Motorsport 6?

  1. Anonymous says:

    There were bikes in TDU2.


    1. James says:

      I’m so sorry you bought the DLC for that awful sequel.



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