F1 2015 delayed until *JULY*

F1 2015So if you haven’t seen the new teaser trailer for F1 2015, the most important detail is in the final frame, revealing an October a July release date. Given how good DiRT Rally has been, even in early access, the hype train is slowly picking up speed for F1 2015, although given the seasons the game will be based on, it’s a shame the source material wasn’t slightly more relevant.

What this delay will be used for is anybody’s guess, as we know very little about F1 2015 to begin with, other than it will be an obvious step up from previous generation consoles.


4 thoughts on “F1 2015 delayed until *JULY*

      1. YEAR/MONTH/DATE is the standard format you are supposed to use. Saged for not using it.

        Example: 980904 – 1998 September 4 (this is one of revision dates for Street Fighter Alpha 3).


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