DiRT Rally ProCam Mod BETA Released

During my initial impressions of DiRT 4, I wrote that the game’s dashboard camera view could use some major changes. While others have already released entire packs of camera adjustments for DiRT 4, I felt they weren’t quite good enough for what I wanted out of the dashboard camera. Either that, or I’m just really picky, which is probably the case. This lead me down a path of just messing with the camera.xml file myself for the cars I liked driving.

This mod adjusts the Dashboard camera in DiRT 4 for the 1970’s Ford Escort, Lancia Delta S4, and 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC. Obviously this mod is designed primarily for myself as these are the three cars I spend the most time with, but if people like these cams and there’s enough of a demand, I’ll gladly do an entire package like this for every car in the game.

drt 2015-05-02 00-01-40-48 drt 2015-05-02 00-02-38-53 drt 2015-05-02 00-03-43-72

Download ProCam Mod BETA Here:
ProCam Beta


One thought on “DiRT Rally ProCam Mod BETA Released

  1. Could you do this for the Lancia Integrale please? I’ve been using the hood cam since Im not super happy with the dash cam either.


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