DiRT Rally ProCam Mod BETA Released

During my initial impressions of DiRT 4, I wrote that the game’s dashboard camera view could use some major changes. While others have already released entire packs of camera adjustments for DiRT 4, I felt they weren’t quite good enough for what I wanted out of the dashboard camera. Either that, or I’m just really picky, which is probably the case. This lead me down a path of just messing with the camera.xml file myself for the cars I liked driving.

This mod adjusts the Dashboard camera in DiRT 4 for the 1970’s Ford Escort, Lancia Delta S4, and 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC. Obviously this mod is designed primarily for myself as these are the three cars I spend the most time with, but if people like these cams and there’s enough of a demand, I’ll gladly do an entire package like this for every car in the game.

drt 2015-05-02 00-01-40-48 drt 2015-05-02 00-02-38-53 drt 2015-05-02 00-03-43-72

Download ProCam Mod BETA Here:
ProCam Beta

One thought on “DiRT Rally ProCam Mod BETA Released

  1. Alejandro Gorgal says:

    Could you do this for the Lancia Integrale please? I’ve been using the hood cam since Im not super happy with the dash cam either.



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