DiRT Rally ProCam Mod for Hillclimb Update Released

The default dashboard view for all three hillclimb cars in the brand new Hillclimb Update for DiRT Rally are beyond horrible.

I fixed that. I’d love to do a ProCam update for all the cars if there’s enough of a demand, maybe Codemasters will take notice at some point and it’ll be baked into the vanilla game. This isn’t an ISI sim, downloading mods is annoying.

FOV is set to 65 instead of 55 for an increased sense of speed, and it basically gives you a triple screen viewpoint, condensed into a single monitor, where only the top of the dash is visible. Tried to keep things uniform throughout the three cars, with the exact same percent of your screen obstructed by the car’s dash and hood.


drt 2015-05-26 16-53-08-19 drt 2015-05-26 16-56-59-55 drt 2015-05-26 16-57-46-50


3 thoughts on “DiRT Rally ProCam Mod for Hillclimb Update Released

  1. I run on triples and the standard dash view is also terrible for me. If you think installing mods is a pain…I had to sit there convert camera file, edit, re-convert, test. Over and over, until I got the cameras in just the right position for my setup. Looks great now, I would really LOVE to see some sort of in-car fov and seat adjustment, or at least a mod like camhack that lets you do things on the fly.


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