Now’s your chance to try R3E for Free! – ADAC GT Masters 2014 Demo Released

Those who wonder why we speak so highly of R3E now have a chance to find out for themselves – the promotional site for the 2014 ADAC GT Masters R3E Expansion has a free demo you can download. Featuring the BMW Z4 and Audi R8, the demo allows you to try either a test day or a full race weekend on either Hockenheim or Sachsenring.

The demo can be found here:

R3EThis demo is extremely important, as an overwhelming amount of racing sim enthusiasts opt out of even experimenting with R3E in the first place due to the game’s intrusive pricing model. R3E’s base game is free, but the rest of the content needs to be bought in packs, and the cost of acquiring all that the game has to offer begins to skyrocket quickly if one doesn’t take advantage of sales and promo offers. This odd way of “choosing your own experience”, one that we highly dislike and was unsuccessful when implemented into MX vs. ATV Alive, also segregates the online community as very few players have the content needed to race in populated lobbies.

As few have played it and even fewer have documented their time with it, claims of R3E being simcade have picked up steam and are regurgitated as fact, despite the game being probably the best all-around racing sim available.

And you now have a chance to try it. For free.

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RRRE 2015-05-10 20-41-28-72

RRRE 2015-05-10 20-44-12-30


16 thoughts on “Now’s your chance to try R3E for Free! – ADAC GT Masters 2014 Demo Released

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, this seems like a good demo for raceroom, even though I tried before the demo content in the main game, I was never sure if the car physics and other aspects were also updated for their free content.

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    1. It’s a good demo set too. The ADAC cars are wonderful to drive. Not quite as much fun as the DTM92 or the Group 5 cars and don’t handle quite as easily as the DTM cars or the WTCC cars but a good set.


      1. Don’t like the force feedback with the G27 on raceroom.. either is too complicated to get a realistic experience or is not implemented the right way. In case you have ffb settings to share for this game, that you know work well. Ty.


  2. I feel like I need to correct some of the above:

    – You can test drive any car in RaceRoom for free. No strings attached. In the store, just click “Test Drive” on the car you want to test and you can do this an unlimited amount of times.

    – You do not have to buy content in packs. You are entirely free to purchase a unique model and still you will be able to race with your friends even if they own cars that you don’t. I.E.: owning just one of the GT Masters models allows you to join any GT Masters multiplayer server.

    And no we’re definitely not simcade, thanks for pointing that out. We were, though, back in 2013. They were trying to please everyone by having one unique handling that was some sort of hybrid between arcade and simulation. Simplified physics, etc.

    That’s changed since quite a while, so has the mentality of the team.

    You can watch the stream we had yesterday. We talk about the physics improvements in collaboration with race engineers from Roal: (amongst other things!)

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    1. Thanks, all this time I was unaware that I could test drive all the cars. I’ve had installed raceroom several times and always only tried the default demo cars. This should be a better experience since I can test the other cars too.

      Do you have better G27 ffb settings than game default? And how much steering degrees I choose in car settings (where you enable or disable virtual hands/wheel); I know that I need to only have visible the wheel to have full 900, but I need to change that value for different cars?


      1. Every one diff but I find 420 with a steering angle of about 18-24 depending on track, I find I use that on every car and sim now, only lowering wheel rotation on open wheelers.


      1. While you’re posting in here do you mind answering if we’ll ever see Real Road ala rFactor 2 or a Night/Day cycle?


        1. There are no immediate plans for those. I would however consider an evolving raceline as more likely. Never say never. We’re far from done with this title.


      2. Thanks for the reply! While neither are what I’d consider high priority, it would add more depth to the sim which would be nice.


  3. Hi! Thanks for spreading the word. Does this integrate with the current install or is it separate? Also, will this enable playing along with the ones who purchased the pack or just the demo players?

    Anyway, I’ve had a good experience with R3E, although my computer can barely handle it (but this is my fault, not the game itself). I guess some issues still have to be sorted out and I’m still wondering if it will ever see weather and night racing.


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