Reader Submission #6 – At least from his sarcasm comes the truth reader Aris Laf sent this one in today, screenshots of Slightly Mad Studios Head Ian Bell busting out some fantastic one-liners on the official Project CARS forum:

bellNot sure if he’s being sarcastic or not…


16 thoughts on “Reader Submission #6 – At least from his sarcasm comes the truth

    1. Either way, Bell is showing the greatest un-professionalism I’ve seen from a developer recently. I’d honestly rather have Kazunori Yamauchi-levels of silence than Bell’s ‘witty’ responses.

      Not that it matters, I’ve lost interest in that game long ago.


  1. SMS needs a PR manager. Ian Bell is terrible at giving out responses.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s right or not (let’s not get into that, shall we?), this is not a professional way to address the public.


      1. Is it really that hard to accept someone genuinely likes that sim? Everybody who likes the game is a shill then? Pathetic … as usual on this site.


    1. Shame or not… it’s again in the top sellers on Steam, they could reach 2 millions in a few months at this point.
      With the 1.4 patch the FFB is even better. You could say anything, but this game is surely fresh air for the sims scene.
      We could hate… but we can’t ignore it! 🙂


    1. He should make a trailer about the problems with Project CARS and the stuff happening in the official forum. That would be entertaining at least and not just the generic show and shine-trailers which are just showing the best moments of the game but have nothing to do with how the game actually feels.


  2. That’s definitively pretty accurate: if you mix all those cars in the real Monaco in a real race… you will end with that same or even odd chaos! ahahah


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