The struggle to turn racing sims into flight sims continues – Hi to everyone. My name is Sergio Loro and maybe some of you remember me from glory GPL days, i build many classics tracks for this sim like Targa Florio, Old Brno, Opatija, Ahvenisto, Jarama and many more. I came with this project wich is create classics track for AC, also i would like to make this a way of living… i had a family to feed . I start with this fast track placed at Germany, rounded by trees, you will recognize it when check map.

My first experience downloading freeware third party content for a racing game was back in 1997 with the original Monster Truck Madness.

Over the past fifteen years, nobody has found any need to charge for additional tracks and cars made by the community in any racing sim. The ones that do, particularly lazy Russian modders ripping everything from Forza 4, are promptly laughed out of the community. Even URD, who have put out a few particularly nice mods for both Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2, have received incredibly stiff criticism for daring to charge a reasonable amount for their high quality cars.

So why you’d want to charge for something like this, including taking pre-orders, is completely insane:

2014-12-20_00006I get why this stuff exists for Flight Simulators; creating an airplane for a simulator often requires going through miles of technical data just to interpret how the electronic flight systems work, and creating add-on scenery that allows virtual pilots to execute a VFR approach requires near-autistic analysis of not just the airport itself, but the land and buildings surrounding it – and then actually making those buildings easy to spot among every other building that you’d had to analyze and re-create.

But for fifteen, maybe upwards of fifteen years, nobody’s really had a problem doing this stuff for free when it comes to racing games. Hell, we just had a mod that’s been released for rFactor after eight years of development – and they never asked any money for it.

And that was a collection of like, 30 Group C prototypes.

This? What is… This?


4 thoughts on “The struggle to turn racing sims into flight sims continues

  1. Amazing. People really will bitch about anything on the internet. No one is forcing you to buy it clownbiscuit.


  2. I see it this way – people that done mods 15 years ago (while they were in their early twenties at most) are now grown UPS, often with families and full time jobs and just don’t have the required time to just do it for fun. As long as it’s quality stuff I see no reason why it SHOULD be free.



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