What happened to SimRaceway’s Official IndyCar Game?

A few years ago, an official announcement was made regarding a proper boxed IndyCar simulation coming to PC from the guys behind SimRaceway. The game was supposed to feature both the current Verizon IndyCar Series teams, as well as the minor league Firestone Indy Lights series cars.


This game appears to have vanished into thin air. Some assets indeed have appeared in SimRaceway, as the game now features twelve cars from the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series Season, and numerous tracks from that season such as Edmonton and Sears Point.


The cars seem to have been converted for use in Game Stock Car Extreme, but a dedicated game centered around the 2012 IndyCar season would have been a welcome addition to anyone’s racing sim collection. People¬†still play IndyCar Racing II by Papyrus, and sim racing as a whole are lacking these dedicated games centered around one series in favor of titles like Race Room Racing Experience and iRacing which feature a smorgasboard of different cars and tracks.


5 thoughts on “What happened to SimRaceway’s Official IndyCar Game?

  1. Count me as one who’d love to have an official Indycar game. The races to me at least are better than F1 and short of GSCE theres almost no Indycar content out for any game.


  2. On a similar note, whatever happened to that Senna game Reiza Studios were supposedly working on? The last time we heard anything was in late 2013 when the developers confirmed that they still had an exclusive licence on PC and GT6’s licence wouldn’t harm development in any way.

    Guess they decided to focus their efforts on Game Stock Car after the 2013 iteration ended up being a great success.


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