Reader Submission #9 – Double Standards?

Today’s lone reader submission comes from Tim R., wondering why we take such massive dumps on the community surrounding Project CARS while turning a blind eye to the exact same behavior by RaceRoom Racing Experience drivers.

It’s not a long post, but he raises a valid point.


I just wanted to know why you have such a massive hateboner for pCars, yet you ignore the RaceRoom fanboys organizing to shill for their game everywhere.

R3E Shilling 1

On the official WMD forums, away from the general publics eyes, the Press Articles on Project Cars/WMD thread, stickied at the top of the General Discussion section, features 1440+ pages of users banding together to find any negative article about pCars and leave a flurry of comments either discrediting the author or doing as much damage control as they can with the following basic comments:

  • It’s pre-alpha footage!
  • Sign up for the Official Forums and report the bugs to the developers!
  • You’re just having trouble with the car handling because it’s a true sim unlike Gran Turismo or Forza!
  • Yes it has bugs, but it’s a solid base platform for the devs to build on, and they plan to support the game for many years!

And this is basically the same type of thread Tim linked us to over on the Sector 3 forums.


RRRE 2015-02-20 23-19-43-85R3E is a very different game than it was at launch during the Spring of 2013. Originally, R3E was a free-to-play racing game heavily laced with sneaky micro-transactions. The game did not feature an abundance of real world cars, and the cars that were licensed only featured fictional liveries – all of which had to be bought with vRP, the game’s version of funny money that conned you during the currency conversion process like Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. At one point, even the hardcore physics (which were heavily work-in-progress at launch) were restricted behind a pay wall. To top it all off, the game only included online hotlap competitions – no single player AI races or multiplayer lobbies in sight.

The damage from the disastrous free-to-play experiment has been mostly undone as of June 2015. R3E in its current state can be seen as more of a natural successor to Race 07. Featuring a fully functioning Single Player component, proper multiplayer racing with dedicated server support, and multiple expansions for the WTCC, ADAC GT Masters Series, as well as three DTM seasons (1992, 2013, and 2014), the game almost deserves a name change.

So when I see people organizing to spread the good word, is it comparable to pCars shills? Hell yeah, you got us there. But is it warranted? Let’s compare the feature list from the launch days, versus what the game is like now:

– Spring 2013 –

  • No Single Player
  • No Multiplayer
  • Only online Hotlapping competitions
  • Mix of fictional & real cars
  • The fictional cars cost money
  • The fictional liveries cost money
  • The unfinished hardcore physics cost money
  • Rainbow brake markers

– June 2015 –

  • Single Race with AI
  • Offline AI Championship
  • Dedicated Server Support
  • Online Hotlapping Competitions
  • Multiple ADAC GT Masters Expansion Packs
  • Multiple Modern & Historic DTM Expansion Packs
  • Multiple WTCC Expansion Packs
  • Large selection of Modern GT2 cars
  • Large selection of Group 5 Touring Cars
  • Only racing sim to have a licensed Riley Corvette Daytona Prototype
  • Large Roster of Tracks with more in the pipeline such as Macau, Spa, and the Nordschleife
  • Hardcore physics don’t cost money
  • Retarded rainbow brake markers removed

The game is completely different than it was when it first launched. The few hardcore R3E racers have every right to run around begging people to come play with them, because Sector 3 got their shit together.


7 thoughts on “Reader Submission #9 – Double Standards?

  1. How is “writing a positive steam review” and “upvoting” positive steam reviews=shilling a game everywhere. Are you kidding me?


  2. Another difference is that R3E drivers haven’t got any financial gains if more people play/buy the game, unlike WMD members. They just want more competition in the online multiplayer.

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  3. Publicy praising a game isn’t like bashing everyone who don’t enjoy your favourite sim; sector 3 forums are a good place, the devs are very friendly and relaxed, and can manage some constructive criticism without the need to use the banhammer. I don’t see nothing bad into spreading the word or gift some copy of an experience, honestly.

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  4. My honest opinion:
    – Project Cars – sucks real hard
    – Assetto Corsa – promissing but is a hotlapping game
    – iRacing – too expensive
    – GSCS – one of the best racing game out there
    – RaceRoom – the business model makes people run away from it, but this game is really nice if you have the money to buy it

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  5. Not even close to being the same thing. R3E massively underrated and unknown game that has morphed from its awkward beginnings to now being my most played sim. And I have them all.
    pCARS massively overrated and over hyped game that morphed from targeting full blown sim to pleasing the console crowd with mass army of deranged fanboy shills with a vested interest. I too am a backer but it takes more than the promise of a few bucks to make me not call a spade a spade. Or in this case a buggy pile of shit pCARS.


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