38 Minutes in Penalties Handed out during Second Round of RaceDepartment’s BMW M235i Cup

After an opening round that saw eight minutes of penalties handed out to three of the top four drivers in RaceDepartment’s BMW M235i League, 21 of the 24 drivers who turned laps during the second event at Donnington Park last Wednesday were penalized again for minor track limit infractions.

Top driver Hany Al-Sabti joked about these absurd penalties when this issue first came to light, implying that at some point, the entire field would be penalized for minor track limits infractions.

HanyHany should probably go out and buy a lotto ticket, as a whopping 38 minutes in penalties were handed out to 88% of the grid.

RD PenaltiesThe race itself was shorter than the combined total length of all these penalties. Crunching irrelevant numbers even further, all original six Van Halen albums are shorter than the 38 minutes in penalties enforced today.

What’s your favorite Van Halen album?


9 thoughts on “38 Minutes in Penalties Handed out during Second Round of RaceDepartment’s BMW M235i Cup

  1. So let me get this shit straight, after the last race they told people “you didn’t report them, too bad, we only investigate when you report” and after this one they said “no one reported anyone, so we went in and penalized you all anyway”

    What the actual fuck is even going on here?
    Have these stupid fucks never seen a real race, or even a virtual race before?
    Fucking no one likes races to be decided in the stewards office, ever, but all these dumb fucks want to do is meddle, even when no one is bitching!

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  2. This has – if it wasn’t already – turned into farce. How has this got so completely out of hand? Is someone being stubborn in a misguided attempt at “consistency” and not wanting to admit the penalties in race 1 were completely beyond contempt?

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  3. What else could they do? if everybody takes this piss cutting corners and taking advantage of AC’s cutting system then penaltys are the way to go! good on em!


  4. One driver brought this up in pre-qualifying and Hany Alsabti told them maybe the league wasn’t for them if they couldn’t keep the car in the lines. He was all happy after winning the first race, his tune soon changed when he was rightly penalised. He quit and posted a load of crap on the forum. His race partner Jack Keithley took it like a man, raced the next race in server 2 and won. He likely won’t win the championship, but he has my respect. Some drivers seem to think that because they didn’t gain a lot from going slightly over a line it doesn’t make a difference, but it does. Others who concentrate on staying in the white line sometimes have to adjust the car and lose time by making sure they stay in the lines. Then you have the final chicane at Donni which so many people were flying straight over. If you take it properly you lost a lot of time. End of rant.


    1. I’m sure hany al sabti left the league not because he didn’t agree with the cuts but because of the absurd penalties that where given. RD has gone completely mental with this. I’ve seen the video reports and these so called cuts are not even close to cuts. 1cm over the white line mostly because of the unresponsive car. also RD punished the top 3 guys in race by giving them more the 150 sec penalty plus sending them back to server 2 for the second race which in itself is an extra penalty. If they would have penalized the entire field in race 1 then nobody would have left. call it whatever u want but the way I see it, is that RD is run by Bram and everything he says has to be done. that idiot has no clue what racing is


      1. Hany admitted to the cuts, he accepted that he was penalized. He didn’t agree with the extent of the penalties, and in all fairness they were very unreasonable and not clear cut (excuse the pun).

        In most sim-racing leagues you get 10sec penalties to 20sec penalties at most, the latter being for racing incidents. If they feel as though there was too much cutting from an individual they would DQ the individual. A DQ is more sensible than handing out penalties worth almost 4 laps.

        Not to mention the rules are set out in most sim-racing before the first race, this has been the case for as long as I can remember. RD had always had sensible rules and has outlined them before the start of the season. This is the first series where the penalties seem overly harsh and unreasonable and where they had seemed to have undergone multiple changes. That is why many in the series have disagreed with them.


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