Infuriating Bugs Overshadow the Highly Anticipated Project CARS V1.4 Patch – And They Probably Won’t Be Fixed

For the past month, crowd-funded racing sim Project CARS has seen a very bipolar launch. On one hand, the game has sold phenomenally well for a niche title, and on the other hand, the game has been insanely buggy. Every week, Slightly Mad Studios have put out major patches across all three consoles in order to work out some of the glaring issues, to the point where review sites changed their scores to reflect the abysmal quality of the finished product which spent four years in development and routine testing by avid sim racers.

Recently, Slightly Mad Studios announced Project CARS On Demand, essentially a “service” that outlines what post-release support players can expect. Among the list of planned content are constant game updates that should in theory eradicate some of the more embarrassing bugs still prevalent in the title.


This roadmap graphic is very similar to what UbiSoft and Ivory Tower did with The Crew, but I guess we’re entering a point in time where this is all commonplace.


But on with the story. A few days ago, the highly anticipated Version 1.4 Patch for Project CARS dropped. As I don’t own a legitimate copy of the game, I ventured to the game’s official forums to check out what people had to say. And it wasn’t pretty. A thread entitled Post update issues had several worrying posts that display certain doom for the future of the title, as it seems Slightly Mad Studios just can’t figure out how to squash the hundreds of comical bugs popping up left and right.


Forum user Nomad06 believes the game actually got worse since the highly anticipated V1.4 update, claiming there are now game-breaking starting grid issues online, multiplayer stability in general has suffered, and some people show up in the complete wrong cars during replay mode.

Other users also had other bizarre experiences since updating the game:

pc2Some users believe the car handling has changed significantly. I have no way to tell if these guys are having legitimate controller problems (which is likely as both console versions shipped with issues acknowledged by SMS), or if they’re just scrubs and can’t drive to begin with.


The miscellaneous list of issues only grows as the thread progresses, citing everything from AI cheating in wet weather races, to sudden four-tire blowouts.


One guy is even having problems calibrating his wheel, an issue that was fixed in a previous patch:

pc5I’m sure the faithful Project CARS fanboys will show up to discredit me and says that Slightly Mad Studios are working really hard to bring the best possible product to their living room, but that can’t be further from the truth.

Below is footage of Project CARS from April and October of 2012, while the game was in its infamous pre-alpha state.

It’s June 2015 and the game has been on shelves for a month. This bug still hasn’t been fixed.

Think the rest of the issues will be dialed out with patches? Probably not.


16 thoughts on “Infuriating Bugs Overshadow the Highly Anticipated Project CARS V1.4 Patch – And They Probably Won’t Be Fixed

  1. Tell me one reasons why the hell they would not try to fix the rest of the issues. They are obliged to fix most of them or they will lost a lot of the present and future customers.

    By the way, patch 1.5 is already in the work.


    1. No he didn’t say they wouldnt try to fix these issues, he said they’re fucking inept and not able to fix them, the evidence being that major bugs have been around for several years, and are still not even close to being fixed.
      By the way, there’s always a planned “next update” even before the one you’re working on is released, so…
      Reading comprehension.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Still needs lots of work. The AI is still the worst in any racing game out. They have at least matched Assetto Corsa though. I now have two $50 games on my Steam Account that aren’t worth a shit for anything other than hot lapping. I can at least hot lap with Porsches and Ferraris in Assetto Corsa.


  3. This s(h)ite should be called …. as it has nothing to do with real journalism. Still simple hate blog, even though you are trying hard to cover it with non pCARS related articles. Not even funny anymore.


  4. I find it rather funny that there is a 40 something page thread about the post 1.4 patch FFB settings . This game has by far the worst FFB i`ve ever felt in a driving game. How hard is it to get a good base setup for popular wheels being used? ISI can do is, Kunos can do it, Sector3 can do it…hell even Codemasters can do it. Yet SMS never figured out how to get a good FFB model (it`s been shit since 2011) so they just opened all the paramaters and let the community fuck around with it, taking all the responsibility away from them.

    It`s a smart idea really, you can just blame all the complaints people have about physics on their bad FFB settings, which people without a masters degree in rocketscience will never be able to figure out. Having FFB settings spread out across 3 screens somewhere in the game isn`t helping either.

    I uninstalled this game and am not planning to reinstall anytime soon. I hope with the ROF i earn my invested money back, they don`t deserve any penny of it.

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  5. Its a fucking bad joke,fantastic proper race sims get left behind by joe blog because they cant go past teh flashy vids and cheesy marketing of pcars, then here ppl claim..
    “oh well its bad but its teh best their is just look at GT” such a shame.

    Theres even idiots on on latest Pcars post swearing that Pcars is head and shoulders above “professional sim racing training software”, fucking talk about cloud fucking coco land, the worst bit is teh general dumb fuck main stream gamer takes it as gospel and spreads same BS, honestly its like debating with christian fundamentalists.


    1. Yeah, I´ve read the comment by the idiot saying pCARS is better than professional training software used by racing teams, supposedly said by real race drivers. What a joke. Who are these real race drivers? The ones being paid through the development?


      1. People on VirtualR were absolutely convinced that Rene Rast (Audi LMP driver) used PCars for “training” because there were news items of him playing the game. Yeah, I’m sure he did just that instead of being paid to promote the game – Audi don’t have simulators for him to train on or anything…


  6. For what i know Fanatec said that Rene Rast asked them about pcars when he was there to promote their wheels, then they contacted WMD to have an account for him, because the registration was closed, so I don’t think he has been paid. He still posting video about pcars nowadays and for what I can see he’s enjoying it much.
    I don’t know if he uses pcars as training, maybe just to remember the circuit better… for whatever reason he does it, I pretty enjoy his videos!


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