Live for Speed Helps Saudi’s Terrorize Local Highways

It’s called tafheet, and Wikipedia describes it as sliding around on a wide flat straight road section at high speed, drifting sideways and recovering with opposite lock repeatedly.

Also known as Arab Drifting, tafheet is an illegal street racing phenomenon commonly believed to be started in the late 1970s that involves trying to “drift” rental cars at very high speeds across wide highways, throwing the car left and right. In the process, racers often drive dangerously close to traffic, barriers, and spectators watching from the sides without any protection. Drifters usually drive and damage local rental vehicles, minimizing personal cost. Tafheet practice and events occur with little to no concern for any vehicle occupants, other drivers or any spectator safety.

It’s also a guaranteed prison sentence if caught, so more and more of these kids are getting some much needed practice on Live for Speed to avoid the authorities. Be sure to check out the questionable Logitech G27 mods being used – paticularly the authentic handbrake and steering wheel itself ripped right off a presumably totaled rental car.

I fully expect the fun police to jump in at some point, so turn your brain off and enjoy what the Middle East has to offer us:

And if you’re curious, here’s what a mistake looks like:


5 thoughts on “Live for Speed Helps Saudi’s Terrorize Local Highways

  1. In GT6, if an lobby is on Fuji Speedway, and there are lots of people with Arabian country flags in it, you can bet the tafheet folk are there.

    They used to hang out in Top Gear Test Track in GT5 too. Now they’re in Silverstone Stowe instead.


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