Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo & WRC 5 Won’t Be Worth Your Time

Thanks to TeamVVV and InsideSimRacing, we’ve been blessed with E3 footage of both WRC 5 and Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, two rally games who have been blown out of the water by the surprise release of DiRT Rally earlier this year:

Both games appear to suffer from poor physics, and WRC 5 in paticular has awful stage design. With DiRT Rally to be released for consoles later this year once the game exits the early access format, there’s no reason to spend time on either of these games.

7 thoughts on “Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo & WRC 5 Won’t Be Worth Your Time

  1. Wow, poor physics and dismissal of these games prior to release from a Video, You sir have some serious talent! Game developers should employ you early in their development, you know before they get to the stage where videos get out there, so we can all save so much time and money.


    1. Even if these games actually turned out to be decent (Loeb might be okay – considering who’s developing WRC5 not a chance there), Dirt Rally still pretty much made them obsolete even before release.


  2. Well, the stage design is clearly not at dirt rally level.

    As for the physics… Hard to say from this. Can’t tell if gangi is just being bad at driving as usual or the game is legitimately bad. 3rd person view isn’t helping, either…


    1. That comes from experience and actually understanding the details that make the car work… 1) you can see from the footage what kind of slip angles the car is developing and 2) how the weight transfers affect rotation rates of the car (mostly yaw rotation gain in track dips/crests and from player input).

      In the first video it’s easy to see that the car needs minimal slip angles to start turning, and there is little change in yaw rotation rate during weight transfers – it’s a mark of the old “arcade-ish” physics.

      Second video is better, with somewhat bigger slip angles and some actual weight transfers visible but the car does not have much weight to it (relative to grip) and snaps back too fast.
      Also having power/braking on a tyre does not seem to change achieved slip angles – the car is not loose when almost all the grip goes into power/braking. It was rare for Darin to slide so it still might be ok when pushed properly, but it’s still pCars2 level dirt driving at best i think.

      And thats before taking track surface into consideration which was in both cases pretty flat on the “small” scale which hints on simplified physics model.


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