Reader Submission #12 – Three Points About The Recent Project CARS 2 Announcement

Today’s Reader Submission comes to us from a user under the clever alias anonymous, drawing three important points of interest from a single post on the Project CARS forum.

Big fan of your work. Unlike Kotaku and other big gaming news sites, you actually do some journalist work. Congrats on that, this seems rare nowadays.

First of all, my english may be a bit confusing as it’s not my main language. I’m a console peasant and couldn’t be happier with my Xbox One. After getting bored of Forza 5 I pre-ordered Project Cars and got a big pile of buggy shit. You already know that whole story, I’m not telling you anything new. If only I knew PRC beforehand, I probably wouldn’t give a cent to those greedy fuckers but oh well.

Speaking of greedy fuckers, look what I found on the pCars forum:


They’re “allowing” people to join the development by asking a total of 7 million pounds and don’t even need it? Gee, they’re so nice to do that! Is it maybe to pay the profit margins of the PCars big crowdfund “investors?” Then to pay investors on the pCars 2, they start crowdfunding pCars 3 and so on? That would actually make sense for them as SMS doesn’t have to pay the profits back, they just ask for more money for the next pCars so it gets paid in a cycle (until no one falls for this shit anymore and it eventually ends). Are pCars fanboys the kind of idiots to fall for this? Or am I crazy to think of such “conspiracies?”

Why would he delete such a normal, coherent and behaved post by a forum member ? Is Ian Bell so used to censorship that everything that he doesn’t like automatically goes deleted? Is he afraid the fanboys massaging is massive ego on the forum open their eyes to such pertinent questions about the funding of Pile of Shit 2, a month after pCars had such a buggy mess of a launch? This is a big proof of the kind of censorship that goes on around there. It’s sad because people who bought the game have nowhere else to get their feedback from the bugs they’ve experienced. Sure, some trolling gets around but it’s mainly from the frustration of getting an incomplete game for full price.

Repeatedly and publicly calling idiots to people who bought his game must be a first for this industry, surely?  I mean, occasionally gamers get that message but it’s masked through PR talk. But this is terrible, why doesn’t anyone pick this shit up to make relevant news other than PRC? I’m sure Mr Bell would refrain talking like this ever again if his shitty atitude got mentioned on a “million-hits per day” news site. Or maybe not, he sounds like an arrogant prick who doesn’t give a shit about anything other than himself and his Veyron.

pCARS 2015-05-10 16-56-38-66

Alright I’ll try to go through these points one by one. But before we begin, it’s important to note that in the time between I received this submission, and got home from work eight hours later to post it, Ian Bell continued to make an ass of himself by stating “we really dislike Nintendo users.” Now, you’re a goddamned idiot if you bought a Wii U, and an even bigger idiot if you believed something like pCars could run on a system designed to capitalized on the popularity of iPads, but Need for Speed Most Wanted ran alright on the Wii U, and they sort of promised the game would be out on the Wii U without many compromises made to the game at all.

This dude from Reddit summed it up nicely:

wiiBut on with the three points:

First, Chris from PRC said the same thing you did in the comments section of VirtualR, later displayed on GamerMuscle’s comment analysis video:


It’s also important to note that pCars 2 won’t be any type of investment, but rather a traditional crowdfunded campaign where you won’t see a return. I will be surprised if pCars 2 comes out at all, because I’m sure people will figure out that they’re literally just throwing money at a random developer who couldn’t even get the first crowdfunded game right, or it won’t come anywhere close to the intended goal. Thank God it’s not my job to figure out how to deal with that inevitable trainwreck.

Second, we’ve had a few submissions, some of which we straight up couldn’t post, that describe Ian’s history in a bit more detail. It’s straight up narcissism. Narcissism refers to an egoistic mode of existing in the world. It is characterized by a number of behaviors — ranging from lack of self-awareness, to bragging, to shifting blame, to hypersensitivity, and more. These tendencies are ultimately destructive to the narcissist and the people around them. Sound familiar?


Lastly, this kind of narcissism isn’t picked up on because very few mainstream sites care about hardcore racing simulators, and every other noteworthy site with the exception of RaceDepartment were basically bought out by Slightly Mad Studios and heavily moderated by pCars shills in order to silence criticism. Hell, is a censored word on both the WMD forums and the standard pCars Official Forums.

Don’t believe me? Go try making a topic linking one of our articles and leave a comment describing your experience.


29 thoughts on “Reader Submission #12 – Three Points About The Recent Project CARS 2 Announcement

  1. Calling people who donated to his hands, but have criticisms idiots?
    Wow, what an absolute fucking cunt.

    That said though, you are a fucking idiot if you donate to pcars2

    Clearly this is bit a man who gives a single fuck about you, or the final product, he just cares about taking your money.


    1. Nah brah, you want to make a point, fucking make a point, let’s hear it.

      Bell needs to fucking learn ‘dry british humor’ isn’t funny at all, even if it’s with a British accent. If he thinks financial-tiers are a reliable defense against reality, he’s in for a world of hurt once all the GTPlanet idiots buy into this ‘influence the game’ BS. I’ve seen so many ‘excited to chime-in’ posts that the WMD-Nazi police won’t be able to rest for weeks once the ‘suggestions’ open up.


      1. Lol if you think thats “British humor” you need to get out more, he is what the brits would call a cunt, not a good cunt, but a fucking cunt.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. And already many stupid guys donated with the chance of recognition of their efforts and a chance of fame in game… I don’ feel sory though, if they are like the wmd that banned me on steam, they deserve the worst.


  3. People invest their time to write ignorant posts on a blog, but not investing 5 minutes to get the fact straight? They cannot be so ignorant, so I assume they does it on purpose?

    Point 1: those 7 millions will NEVER come from the “bakers”, they clearly said it. They are collecting people for ideas, beta-testing, and anything else they did with WMD and PCARS1. The money they are asking are just a “barrier”, so the idiots (or most of them) wouldn’t go aboard, but you gonna have only those ones who are really interested to build it, giving constructive criticism (so no cry babies…). I expect less than 10% will come from the members, the other 90% will come from external investors, the publisher, and sms.

    Point 2: I see the mods (and not just Ian Bell) “moderating” the posts, but only those ones who comes from obvious trolls, haters, or kids. I never seen them beating someone who does constructive criticism, even if the critic is someway “negative”. Sometime you see a single post out of contest, but if you go there and you will read the whole thread you can figure yourself that all those “banned” guys are a bunch of trolls and jerks, they doesn’t deserve to be listened, because they are giving no contribution to make a game better.

    Point 3: you may have purchased a product, but that doesn’t improve your brain skill. I mean if you are an idiot, you still an idiot even if you pay for a Ferrari. Or do you think that a game developer is your employee? If you come into my shop, spitting on my face and insulting me, i don’t give a shit about the fact that you’re a customer, I’ll beat your ass without thinking twice.

    Next time try it better… and be objective, or you’ll be just another hater, and your words will have no value at all.


    1. 1) One the first Pcars they also collect money, also collect ideas and the beta testing is still done by the end users (buyers) The WMD and SMS didn’t see ALL THOSE BUGS???

      2) Because I like an inappropriate post according to your boss, I get a warning, and when I ask the why I get banned for no reason. The truth to be said, if someone will not lick him (oh dear sir i think I found this, can you please check it, though I love your game…) is already annoying, bad and inappropriate. Or isn’t ian that threat that he will close the official forum?

      3) Classic wmd baker guy that try to cover the lies of the finished AAA product by blaming the buyer (AS YOU ALWAYS DO),

      Next time try better… and try to be honest… Really hard for a WMD I know…

      P.S. Hey, I am from the few here that use his known name…. What about you?

      I don’t expect for an answer though, at least a honest one… I have a lot of experience from guys like you…


      1. 1) Bugs are fixed when they are found. There’s no interest (for both parties) to not do so. Unless you believe that people are masochist.

        2) It’s easy: if you troll, you’ll get banned. It’s the same in every moderated forum. Only a stupid can believe to hide the “truth” on internet. If you receive a ban it’s not because of what you say, but because of your behavior.

        3) See the previous point.


      2. 1) So when you was developing the game you didn’t see for example that AI cars of road have the same speed with on road. or that they cut corners without penalty or that the lights of the cars in the rain are not on… Yeah… Sure…. 4 years… ok…

        2) And who will ban the wmd and sms guys that have a bad attitude? Yeah, it was very nice move to put a developer to the steam so you can ban whoever you like as you did on the official forum..

        3) The truth is that now you are afraid . You are afraid that this blog is getting a voice. That is the reason you are here all of you, and this is the reason that this blog is prohibited to be mentioned at your site, Fear.

        4) And there are a lot of pictures here, and a lot of comments from ian on his forum that has THAT behavior, and imo, i think this is the reason he wants to close official forum, because he said a lot of bad thinks himself, and the bugs are overwhelming.

        5)Only a stupid can believe to hide the “truth” on internet. This is the only part we agree, but from different perspectives.


      3. I see you’re already changing your mind from the initial, “I’m right…”, to: “… this is my opinion”. You see how it is easy to let your brain working?

        PS: none here or anywhere else is “my boss”, I don’t have a “boss”.. or to be correct the only boss of me, it’s myself. 😉 ….and definitively I don’t have a “site” (I guess you mean a website…).


      4. Nice attempt to play with my works, but every sentient being can understand where I used the IMO.

        You never said anything about all the above things I mentioned already, but you only tried to insult me. As for boss, I mean obviously not on this site, but by defending the wmd-sms lies makes you at least a main suspect that you are working for them (with or without profits)

        You have the attitude and iq of a wmd-sms member…

        Now care to reply to any of my statements I mentioned on my previous post or you will continue playing and insulting?

        FYI even if you do answer, O don’t care. Haters gonna hate


        Have a nice day.


  4. >Ian Bell continued to make an ass of himself by stating “we really dislike Nintendo users.”

    Because he thinks that Nintendo users are normies? (Pardon the use of a /r9k/ term; to be honest, I hate /r9k/)


    1. What he thinks about Nintendo users? Even (who originally made an article about a post taken out of contest) today have admitted that they were wrong and today they posted a correction article.
      Lies has short legs… especially on internet. Next time, get informed, and then build your own opinion, you shouldn’t believe to every chit-chat you read on a blog.


      1. If you read the whole conversation, you will understand yourself (like the “hurried” journalist did.. so he posted the excuses). If, after have read the whole story, you still not figuring what that “statement” was about, then I don’t see how my words could let you understand better.

        The most “fun” part is that even the Nintendo users have figured it (on their own forum!), but there still people like you that, instead of investing 5 minutes to read the whole thread, they prefer to live into the blindness.

        Now use the search, find the thread yourself, and… good luck.


      2. No I say comes down to Nintendo fans not understanding the difficulty in bringing multiplatform games to their system since the Wii, they’re super annoying about this. Wii U made sense when the game was originally speced for 360 and PS3 as well, now that those are long scrapped it can only be done on Wii U with severe compromises. These guys aren’t even close to to touching the technical wizardly of Criterion.
        The current breed of hardcore Nintendo fans aren’t normies in the least and probably make up the bulk of the WIi U userbase compared to the Wii where they were greatly outnumbered by normies.
        Here’s a trick for spotting them, see if they parrot the false information about all of Nintendo’s Wii U games being 1080p when the truth is it seems to only be Smash Bros and Wind Waker HD. Even something like Wii Sports Club is 720p. Despite this people to this day still parrot that Mario Kart and Mario 3D World are 1080p, I’ve even seen sites like Forbes report this lie. These people act like viral marketers.


  5. Lol fucking WMD fanboy are some truly silly cunts, all pcar2 funding will be is to cover the pay back on first one, its not clever really because you’d think everyone would see it, but some silly cunts are lining up to pay bell end to work for him.

    My god ppl hes making a race game what fucking input does he need, here Ill give ya all the advice you need but aint going to pay SMS for it….
    Get the fucking physics right make FFB and dont leave it upto me to make it, working AI, working race rules, working pits and some tracks and cars done,saved all you stupid fuckers wanting to put money in to give that advice, just did it for ya, I dont have any faith in cunt face pulling it off though.


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