Old dudes try to justify spending $1400+ on toy steering wheels


– The Accuforce Steering Wheel by Sim Xperience is likely to be the biggest product release on the hardware side of sim racing in many years. This wheel signifies a new era in sim racing, where its competitors can expect High end components instead of the plastic toy type wheels that have been used in the past. The Simpit recently traveled to the Sim Xperience headquarters to have an exclusive hands on first look at this wheel. The first production model of the Accuforce wheel now resides on their in house full motion simulator. During this trip we were able to spend many hours of driving and learning what makes this fine steering wheel so special. We talk about all of its features and what is included in the $1749 dollar price tag. We also talk about the Sim Commander software that drives this wheel and how it also helps separate this wheel from any other on the market.

To be honest, it’s probably a very good wheel that comes with no nagging issues (like the G27 calibration error that affects 1 in 3 G27’s), and certainly is assembled with parts that justify the $1400 base model price tag…

…but most people spend $1400 on their first car. Like, for example, I bought a used truck this summer for $1500. It’s helped me get to work, helped me take my cousin to hockey practice, helped me go hang out with friends, helped me take chicks to the movies…

And for only $200 more, you could get a really nice toy steering wheel for your computer games.

See, that’s just fucking retarded. It might be a good value for actual race teams who use full motion simulator setups at their HQ, but for every other Tom, Dick, and Gangi playing iRacing, there’s a point where this needs to stop and we’ve clearly passed it. Equipment doesn’t make you a better driver. I used to be an RSR Leaderboard guy with nothing but a DFGT and G27 pedals. That’s basically all you need. Even further back, I was winning IndyCar races on iRacing with a Logitech wheel released alongside Gran Turismo 3.

Not to mention, unlike the G25/27, the Accuforce wheel isn’t even compatible with certain high-profile Sony consoles, nor will it even be useful with older titles. The nice thing about owning a middle-of-the-road Logitech product is that it just sort of plugs into your PS3 and works. Or your PS2. Or, you can kick it even further back, and it’ll work on those late 90’s Microsoft Madness games. You think Need for Speed Underground will be a much better experience with your brand new Accuforce steering wheel?


You do not need a $1400 wheel, don’t let paid shills convince you that you do.

5 thoughts on “Old dudes try to justify spending $1400+ on toy steering wheels

  1. you dont need a 1400 dollar wheel to get better, however if you want a much more realer feel which equates to more enjoyment then 1400 dollars is pretty decent especially when compared to the other industrial servo direct drive wheels


  2. forgot to say if this was console compatible i would get one….and im on about 1200 dollar a month income


  3. The OP is obviously too young or too poor to realize that $1400 is peanuts to a an adult that is even semi-successful. Get back to us when you get a little perspective please.


  4. Seems like a lot of anger directed at folks just looking to have some fun. I wonder what “retarded” things the OP spends money on. Maybe those girls you took to the movies? I don’t “need” a fast real car either, but decided to buy an Audi sports car. Does that make me retarded?

    Grow up dude, or just relax.


  5. Every industry has top niche that can shell out ridiculous amount. For most kids out there, this could be the pinacle of excessive kidult action. However, I personally believe, on a positive note, things like this will raise the level of consumer demand and eventually will inspire other hardware makers to produce higher quality products and broaden the scope of the industry.


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