8:10 Podcast Episode 8 – Weapon of Mass Deception

Chris and James of PretendRaceCars.net discuss their early impressions of DiRT Rally, talk about the release of Project CARS, and shortly review round one of RaceDepartment’s Virtual Stock Car Championship.


9 thoughts on “8:10 Podcast Episode 8 – Weapon of Mass Deception

    1. Did you just say “lel” out loud? Yikes. Don’t do that.

      I really don’t think you have to worry about pcars setting fanboy precedents, it isn’t polished enough or has enough “customization” to be popular with normalfags like forza or gt and no one is ever going to use it for league sim racing or something. Shills cannot defeat the real world.

      Also LFS > AC for physics.

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      1. I disagree that LFS has better physics. I think their implementation is impressive, but also seems a little simplistic in a few regards.

        Anyways, it really doesn’t matter. LFS can provide a very nice and consistent experience and my opinion doesn’t make yours wrong.

        As you essentially said, as more and more information comes out, I expect the shills to become increasingly silent.


      2. We are already taking 30 minutes out of our lives to talk about video games, it doesn’t matter if we drop dank meme’s into the podcast or not.


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