Kotaku writes the same article about Project Cars twelve times

Editor’s note: the actual count is closer to sixteen.pcarsKotaku – “Stop licking the screen, doofus, this is a screenshot”, and twelve other identical entries.

Kotaku’s pro-SJW stance has pissed me off long before the whole #Gamergate bullshit started, but I’ve always felt the bigger problem with them is that they don’t actually seem to play the games they talk about. Like, at all.

The guys behind Project Cars, known as Slightly Mad Studios, or in the sim community, half of the team behind 2004’s GTR 2, are also the same guys who built both Need for Speed Shift games. Games that shipped with intentional physics issues as a way for the dev team to “fight back” against the evil empire known as Electronic Arts.


Two games intentionally sabotaged at the eleventh hour, to the point where the community at NoGripRacing.com spent months un-fucking the tire model and discovering hastily de-activated lines of code relating to tire wear, pit stops, and a whole bunch of other goodies in the unpacked versions of each game. And then basically re-doing two entire games with physics & car mods.

S2UAs someone who actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to racing, both Shift games were atrocious. You couldn’t keep the car in a straight line regardless if you had a wheel or a 360 controller, and Shift 2 Unleashed in particular was an un-optimized piece of shit on PC. Yes, it looked gorgeous in replays and for some odd reason ran better in replays (and photo mode), but playing it was an entirely different story.

GFXI’ve been in the pCars WMD investor bullshit since the spring of 2012. It has always played like a slightly less floaty Shift 2 Unleashed. In short, it’s not very good. Recent builds have improved the feeling of some of the cars, but it is very iRacing-like in a sense that where some cars feel good or even great, there are entire other groups of cars that are absymal.

Project Cars was supposed to be released last fall, but delayed out of nowhere for a whopping five months. Coincidentally, a development build from around the scheduled release date was put up on major torrent sites, and upon hundreds of people downloading it, most found that the game was nowhere close to a completed state and was barely better than Shift 2 Unleashed with the community physics patch (more commonly known as the Polish Tyre Mod).

One major complaint from all of these people who either pirated the leaked build, or were already in the WMD bullshit, was that during gameplay, pCars looks nowhere near how it does in screenshots. Only when you enter photo or replay mode does the game suddenly perform and look better.

10943153_10153534024284951_912220661_oIn short, it is a screenshot generator based off of two games that failed to impress their intended audience, and nothing more.

Meanwhile, all of these identical articles pop up on Kotaku about how great the game looks, and VirtualR is basically Project Cars: The Blog.

So, again, as someone who knows what they’re doing, with the backing of other people who know what they’re doing, pCars doesn’t deserve nearly a quarter of this hype.

Nor does it deserve pre-order goodies announced five months in advance.



17 thoughts on “Kotaku writes the same article about Project Cars twelve times

    1. >Provides screenshot of one writer publishing 12 near-identical articles on different websites shilling for a game
      >”Conspiracy Theory”
      >”Invented Nonsense”

      I could shoot you in the gut, and you would deny that you had a bullet in your intestines, just because you didn’t want a bullet there.


  1. This article is 100% spot on! Shift 1&2 were abysmal “Sim” racers, just absolutely horrible. This studio is not good at creating racing games. They have NEVER made a good one yet they are getting all this hype for project cars, a game I’ve played and I just dont get it.

    The physics are…way off. Cars handle in ways that even visually dont look right. I really dont understand the positive press its been getting.


  2. This game is pure bullshit……SMS are shit developer and thks game is to much hyped….play it since 3 month and more and more it dissapoints me!……when assetto corsa release for Ps4 i will burn my Project cars game and will upload a video of it


  3. Pcars is not that good…..never! So damn hgly cars and no real fun for it….

    assetto corsa will nuke them away when they release on all platforms! And i wish it to them, they are much better developer then SMS

    we see it that now Pcars 2 will launch…..what a shit…..4 years of developement with the HOLLY community and now they bring a second one because the first was a big fail…….bad bad bad!


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