The artist formerly known as “Eutechnyx” acquires the rights to NASCAR console games from Eutechnyx

NASCAR14 2014-02-21 16-34-31-96DMi – Games veterans Tom Dusenberry and Ed Martin have joined forces with HC2 to establish NASCAR Interactive Entertainment publisher Dusenberry-Martin Interactive… DMi, Inc.
DMi is committed to delivering a high quality NASCAR digital game fan experience on video game consoles, PC, tablets and Smart Phones. DMi has acquired the NASCAR game assets from Eutechnyx. Starting January 1, 2015 DMi will relocate to Charlotte NC. DMi is a new NASCAR Interactive Entertainment games publisher committed to fun and repeatable games for NASCAR Fans. 

So the guys in charge of the past three of four Eutechnyx NASCAR games have closed up shop and moved to North Carolina to start another game studio whose sole focus is NASCAR console and mobile games.

I wonder where they got the employees from? It’s sort of hard to just abandon your old company and start an entirely new one overnight, somehow retaining a very lucrative product license and already having a set schedule as to what you’ll be producing.

Maybe they retained it primarily due to the positive press they received from their previous efforts heading up Eutechnyx NASCAR games?

On second thought, maybe those reviews were paid off, as the Eutechnyx games were universally panned by people who actually played them.

What’s even more insane, is that this exact sequence of events: moving the Dev team to the heart of NASCAR for “unprecedented authenticity” has already happened, and it’s the exact move that killed the EA Sports games.


What’s funny is that someone like Codemasters would greatly benefit from the revenue generated from a NASCAR title, yet they have outright stated they would not work on a NASCAR title due to them being from England and all.

Even though they Americanized DiRT 2, 3, and eventually Showdown all to hell.

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