I wish it was more than just a car – Audi Quattro coming to Assetto Corsa

1428934717464Today, Kunos announced the first part of the upcoming Assetto Corsa Bonus Pack DLC, the 1980’s Audi Quattro, which ushered in a new era of technology within the World Rally Championship. To speculate even further, this DLC might include the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003, as Assetto Corsa already shipped with the P 4/5 Competizione, another one of their wild creations.

On one hand, I’m psyched at the announcement due to the possibility of Kunos also working on loose surface physics just to give this car a fictional rally track or two to mess around on, enabling the simulation rally community to move over to Assetto Corsa from the aging Richard Burns Rally, but it’s a shame that more DLC is being announced before shortcomings in Assetto Corsa are being rectified. We still don’t (and probably won’t) have night racing or wet-weather racing, online still doesn’t have enough functionality for anything other than quick pick-up races with a few of your buddies, and the game’s poor DLC integration divides users between those who have purchased the Nurburgring DLC pack, and those who have not. Adding further DLC without rectifying any of these issues, one of which prevents people from simply playing the game with each other, may turn out to be a costly mistake in the long run.


5 thoughts on “I wish it was more than just a car – Audi Quattro coming to Assetto Corsa

  1. “… due to the possibility of Kunos also working on loose surface physics”

    Wait, what? Have you heard this from somewhere or are you just hoping? Because that would be sick. Although I do agree it’s a shame that they’re pumping out more content rather than correction the many shortcomings in their multiplayer.


    1. Lots of rumblings on the forums that they’ll get around to loose surface physics at some point – just a matter of time. My guess is that with one of the greatest rally cars of all time announced, this might be the time for it.

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    Average facebook comment. They really should push for more stuff to be fixed/added, instead of throwing cars at the fanbase to distract them. People say they might be working on the dlc integration, but I wont be surprised if they are far from fixing it.


  3. FYI we imply that the Glickenhaus car will be a future dlc because they have been testing with the new car at Vallugna and AC had a license with them that from what I read on their forums open ended. So maybe one day in the future.

    Go look through Facebook posts from the track , Glickenhaus or articles of the car all the evidence is there


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