Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo takes off the kid gloves and gives rally fans the narrow stages they’ve always wanted

So Milestone released a few more previews of Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo today, showing Loeb’s Citroen DS3 at one of the game’s Australian special stages.

Rally fans, including myself, will be thrilled to see the relative size and scaling of the game’s environments, particularly the width of the stage itself. Rally games such as DiRT 3 and Milestone’s WRC series have often been criticized for the relatively easy stages found in the games. WRC events typically take place on claustrophobic backroads, and no game has been able to accurately reproduce how little room for error there is when driving in the WRC. Most stages in DiRT 3 are astronomically wide, and WRC 4, Milestone’s most recent rally game, lacked a great deal of roadside objects. You could cut the course frequently and without any sort of repercussions because stages often took place in flat grassy clearings among mountains and other impressive scenery.



The hype meter is off the charts. Really looking forward to this game.

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