Reader Submission #2 – WMD Moderator admits Project CARS should not have been released in its current state

While I’d like to move away from Project CARS coverage, as we’ve pretty much exhausted everything there is to say about the game, a reader submission from Jack O-Lantern has made us reconsider that stance. Project CARS has shipped with less than ideal controller settings, frustrating everybody from mainstream reviewers to the common console gamer, and this in turn has lead to several people within different communities working hard to distribute their alternate controller settings.



However, screenshots taken today display a different side of this issue – WMD Forum messages reveal the gamepad issues with Project CARS were basically ignored by Slightly Mad Studios, who opted to instead label the users who brought this issue to light “whiners” – only to later admit that the game shouldn’t have been released with the gamepad controls in such a state of disarray.

controller2 controller3 controller4

Not good.

8 thoughts on “Reader Submission #2 – WMD Moderator admits Project CARS should not have been released in its current state

  1. Thought I should mention:

    I’m pretty sure that Remco is also Redi on the nogrip forums. I’ve fairly certain he fully disclosed his appointment to moderator on the WMD forums at both WMD and nogrip. I believe he is only a moderator who occasionally forwards information to the WMD community from higher-ups at WMD/SMS.

    As far as I know, he is not directly involved with the development. In my experience, he has always been a pretty reasonable chap and I don’t think he has specifically furthered the problems with this title. As far as I’m aware, he’s one of the few WMD-affiliated entities that actually wanted to see a quality product, rather than pure income.


    1. Unfortunately he’s also the one who tried the most to make us shut up when we said something’s off with the controller settings. He’s not a bad guy for sure, but he definitely helped to create this mess. Man, I’m so pissed off that I constantly get told that I should post in a respectful manner, but only get replies when I start to post more aggressive.

      I know that most WMD members aren’t happy with that blog here and I think pCARS is a fantastic game, but that controller issue, which is NOT only present in the Xbox One version, is just huge to me. I have to use gamepads due to a disability and also mentioned that in the forums, not to mention that I’m not the only one with a handicap, so I take this matter rather personally.


      1. You seem considerably more informed than I was or am. I’m sorry to hear this information.

        SMS has the relevant test systems, the problem is unacceptable for a release title, particularly since you and others had to point out problems that should have been immediately noticeable to the development team.

        Honestly, I’m not particularly impressed with any aspect of the game, aside from the engine’s ability to generate static screenshots. In some aspects, I’m less impressed than I was with shift 2. I went into more detail on the previous article’s comment section from a wheel controller specifically, so I won’t bother to repeat my complaints.

        For your sake in particular, I hope they address the clear gamepad issues immediately, it is by far the most game-breaking issue at this time and deserves absolute top priority. Based on what I’ve read, you’re absolutely correct that the gamepad issues are not at all exclusive to Xbox One.

        I wish you the best of luck getting this resolved as quickly as possible.


  2. The console version was outsourced right? WMD members didnt get access to the alpha/beta builds,so had no way to feedback?

    All the member contributions went towards PC only?


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