iRacing’s Nordschleife has a steep price compared to the competition

While not announced externally through the traditional means yet, the price for iRacing’s Nurburgring GP track, as well as the twelve mile Nordschleife (we spelt it right this time), has been revealed internally to members via the iRacing forums and slowly made its way out to the general public:

price2I just don’t see this being a very good deal based on the current market. Forza Motorsport 5 included a phenomenal version of the Nordschleife for free as a surprise update (along with Long Beach, which has still not been completed by iRacing), Assetto Corsa priced the track at $11 and included ten cars the community requested, and Project CARS includes the track right out of the box.

Broken down to an even more absurd degree, the amount of content you purchased for $11 in Assetto Corsa would cost you $135 in iRacing. When people on message boards complain about the ridiculous cost of iRacing, this is exactly why.

I’m not excited for the Nurburgring to appear in iRacing.

First, the track isn’t practical for how the game’s safety rating works. The amount of off-track incidents, just from inexperienced drivers, could see them regress to a lower license level in a matter of one race. And given that a driver is disqualified from a race after seventeen incidents, small mistakes would add up much quicker than on a traditional road course like Road America which is significantly easier to memorize. With upwards of seventy corners to mess up and races lasting anywhere from thirty minutes to a full hour, a large portion of the grid won’t see the checkered flag. It’s going to be a race people avoid when it inevitably pops up on the schedule.

Second, the track isn’t practical for how the game’s series are designed. Aside from the Lotus 49 and Blancpain GT3 series, there are very few cars featured in iRacing that actually compete on the Nordschleife. Unless iRacing shoe-horns every popular road series into a Nurburgring Week as they’ve done on the oval side with Daytona and Talladega (hell they’ve sent IndyCar to Talladega), the track wouldn’t get used a whole lot, which wouldn’t justify the steep price tag.

Alternatively, they could create a VLN-like series with nothing but twelve weeks of the Nordschleife, but the game lacks several of the slower class cars that make VLN racing unique – it is not full of moderately quick gentleman cars like Assetto Corsa and the roster of 80’s DTM rides, plus the BMW 235i, which was so popular it has its own VLN class.

Lastly, the tire model isn’t anywhere near adequate enough to handle the world’s most dangerous race track. Below is an example of a random GT3 race in iRacing at one of the easiest tracks on the schedule. Take note of how many people self spin or just get lines totally wrong. It’s easy to pass these off as rookie drivers, until you realize the license system in iRacing is specifically designed to bring people up through the ranks and gradually build their skills before progressing to faster cars:

IDK it’s pricey and won’t be the acquisition iRacing is making it out to be.


13 thoughts on “iRacing’s Nordschleife has a steep price compared to the competition

  1. So, for shits and giggles, Gran Turismo 6 costs 20 bucks, and has 5 distinct versions of the nurburgring, all with full weather effects.


  2. They haven’t released a new free track since what, 2011? Since AC and Forza have the laser-scanned ‘Ring and RaceRoom is getting one, I expected at least the Nordschleife to be free in iRacing, to respond to the competition as well as all the reasons you listed (and indeed that the devs listed years ago) as to why it doesn’t suit the service at all.


  3. Oh man I wanna like Iracing after staying away for so long the pull of anytime quality online racing had me jump in few weeks ago, despite RF2 being my first race sim cant find regular decent MP, even AC or raceroom fail, but boy oh boy even if could afford what they are asking its still extremely steep, ive ploughed about 50 bux so far and got my sub 3 months and 1 bought car and 2 tracks thats it, if only had pricing similar to raceroom with the sub I think is plenty I really hope they price competitively soon cause its so well setup for MP racing its unreal.


  4. The Forza version is phenomenal? iRacing is using the most advanced laser scanning technology and they also scan the surroundings. I just can’t fathom why people complain so much over 30 bucks. Surely 30 dollars for a hobby isn’t too much? iRacing is pretty expensive, but considering all the work they put into this, I just don’t get why people have to complain.


      1. Well you are talking about simulator made by the dozen us of guys that has no experience in simracing compared to iRacing which is a huge company. Their quality is unmatched and that’s just the facts so it’s no need to compare it to a flagship simulator


  5. iRacing deliveres the best online racing experience. It’s still a little company and they have many things to pay. So why should the give that track away for free? I would pay 100 dollars to get the track in iracing. 15 dollars is absolutely okay.


  6. How you can compare iracing with forza ? iRacing have Laser Scanned Tracks AND Cars. If i know right only Assetto Corsa have a Laser Scanned Nürburgring. But the cars are not.

    You can programm every track on computer, but if you have to travel to the track, makes it considerably more expensive.


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