If you still play rFactor 2, you need these skin packs

For all seventeen people still playing rFactor 2 (trust us, we checked), two massive skin packs were recently released that shouldn’t be ignored.

First up, we have the Historical IMSA Carset by Steve Rosswick for the game’s Toyota Celica GTO. According to the description over on RaceDepartment, we’re looking at 49 different cars spanning Trans-Am and IMSA’s GTO class.


And the second carset you desperately need for rFactor 2 is the 2014 Verizon IndyCar Series Season by boxer and his friend Michael Peters. Peters himself is a professional graphic designer who has created liveries for real IndyCar teams in the past. This carset is important for all rFactor 2 players, as ISI’s Dallara DW12 does not ship with any real-world liveries – only a set of fictional designs loosely based on the current IndyCar grid.


Much better than the standard set of DW12 liveries:

rFactor2 2014-05-24 21-53-51-10

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