F1 2015’s leaked footage is… eh…

It appears some French journalism site got their hands on a preview copy of F1 2015, and YouTube user aarava did a nice run-through of the footage above, scrutinizing as many details as he could.

I don’t like the lighting. It looks phony, like something out of a movie that relies heavily on CGI. Too dark, too much blur, too much depth of field to cover up oddities, nowhere near bright and vibrant enough to look like Singapore. It’s probably an early build and probably something that will get better, but we know how often those excuses are used.

I don’t think the car handling looks promising. Yes, it’s a scrub driving with a bunch of assists on, and the handling will be refined throughout the coming weeks, as is the case with all racing games, but just from what I personally can see, it looks… Stale.

Here’s to hoping the one month delay will be put to good use, as the other title under the Codemasters banner, DiRT Rally, has been amazing, and hopefully what Codemasters has learned about tires from that game can be put to good use in F1 2015.

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