The DiRT Rally First Look by Betta Lines is the 6am BBC Documentary keeping you from falling asleep.

Betta Lines just put out a really informative first look at DiRT Rally, a game I personally can’t contain my excitement for. Really worth watching if you’re into the technical side of racing sims:

The video, which runs about twelve minutes, seems like it should be a BBC documentary that appears on T.V at 6AM in the morning when you’ve been tripping on acid for 12 hours and all you want to do is is sleep, and all you hear is ambient sounds of people breathing and gurgling in their sleep so you turn on TV to down that out, but you want to kill yourself because suddenly that documentary makes everything so much more boring, but still makes everything else around you register as so much worse than when you originally wanted something to drown out the background noises that have become impossible to not listen to.

And I totally didn’t steal that from 4Chan.

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