Pretend Journalism lands a spot in RaceDepartment’s GSCX V8 Stock Car Series

Following in the steps of YouTube personality (Matt Orr), one half of will be putting his money where his mouth is and competing in Season 3 of the Virtual Stock Car Championship over at Race Department for Walk Racing. I’ll be racing alongside teammates Ariciuc Razvan, Risto Kappet, and Guus Verver as one of only three North American drivers in the field. Throughout the next month, you’ll be able to cheer for or against the #2 Walk Racing Chevy Sanic as Race Department plans to stream all five rounds with broadcast-tier commentary and overlays.

It’s important for people like myself and EmptyBox, who actively break down different driving games on the market, to be good at the games we’re playing. Far too often, I’ve come across people not just in the sim community, but the arcade community as well, who run massive web sites sharing their love for driving games and giving in-depth reviews on new content or whatever… Only to run across them on the track and discover that they’re painfully slow. It’s like listening to Michael Waltrip, a guy who was fined for rigging the points system, analyze NASCAR. Or listening to Jesse Palmer, a Quarterback who never started an NFL or CFL game in his career, discuss professional football. Insight from a fool isn’t really insight. Participating in a highly competitive online league, and placing well, is highly integral to our goal of becoming a trustworthy news and opinions site.

The full spotter guide can be seen below, courtesy of Race Department:

VSCC S3 Spotter Guide

For the duration of the series, the banner at the top of the site will proudly display the logo residing on the hood of the #2 car.

GSC 2015-05-01 14-19-04-52

One thought on “Pretend Journalism lands a spot in RaceDepartment’s GSCX V8 Stock Car Series

  1. The fact that someone is slow (“painfully” is both a subjective and wide term – how slow is painfully slow? – two, three, ten seconds off your pace?) does not mean they are fools or cheats. Nor does it automatically deprive them of their right to love motorsports in its various forms. You are a fool, Mr Ogonoski, as are all compulsive moaners. See?



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