Here comes the first batch of Project CARS DLC

With the game being a buggy mess at launch, and a sequel already on the way, footage of the first DLC for Project CARS has been released by SRT Viper ITA on YouTube, showing the Racing Icons pack in motion.


The pack appears to feature the Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Speed 8, Mercedes CLK-GTR, McLaren F1 GTR ’97, and the BMW V12 LMR.

This is arguably the worst thing Slightly Mad Studios can do at this point in time, as the game is basically half-finished, and with widespread reports of game-breaking issues, there is no incentive for anyone but the most hardcore of pCars fanboys to get excited for these DLC packs.

17 thoughts on “Here comes the first batch of Project CARS DLC

  1. asd says:

    What are the gamebreaking bugs?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wheels not being recognised as wheels.
    Frame rate drops below 30 on most online races on XBO
    AI cheating
    Spa drive through bug
    Engine blow bug
    XBO controller only registering 30% of travel
    Azure texture loading bugs causing track not to load correctly in race.
    Invisible walls
    Buttons not mapping correctly.
    No neutral when using h pattern shifter
    Wheel jolts to full force on game exit requiring a restart
    FFB is fucked
    Online lobby’s are fucked
    Sound glitches causing FFB and wheel Jolts?
    These are just a few of the console related bugs in the shit fest that is Project Rekt

    The part I find funny though, is that while sites like this try to open peoples eyes, help them, educate them, yet they still resist! It’s like they enjoy being abused/controlled or taken advantage of?

    It’s people like that, that voted for Cameron…
    For example, anyone who voted for Cameron read his manifesto right?… Yea, of course you did!
    So you voted that we should REMOVE ALL HUMAN RIGHTS for all citizens of the UK!
    No human rights for anyone!
    No unmonitored access online,
    No legal rights to protect yourself from, or question/challenge the law.

    Meaning you can be held, treated badly and you can not question why!

    And you did that why?

    According to the fanboys, project crap is fine, no problems… Yet every new owner has flooded the official forums with videos, images and lists of bugs that literally make the game unplayable.

    This country is full of fanboys, from our gamers to our politicians. The problem is, they are uneducated, unable to be objective and unfortunately they grew up and are now able to vote!

    And the first thing they voted for was a removal of ALL HUMAN RIGHTS from ALL citizens!
    It’s like watching a bad B movie where literally can’t believe how dumb some people are!


  3. Anonymous says:

    The big bugs are console only. PC has niggles and annoyances.Nothing game breaking.

    Im disappointed that a 3 year alpha and beta didnt produce a more polished PC version. This is what you get when you involve your PC game with a console development cycle. It interferes with every level of your game. From GFX to Physics to APIs, to team work hour increases to release dates, to corners being cut (no pun intended)

    This should have stayed PC first then console afterwards but Microsoft have massive petty cash funds and lots of spare brown envelopes


  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s not ‘every new owner’ but a minority. And no question, every single bug shouldn’t be there.

    Yet there are countless bug and glitch videos for every single game out there, how surprising…

    Some people should really take their tin foil hat off if they really believe everyone else is living in a fantasy world, but they in their little filter bubble and on this bitter campaign click bait blog are the only ones to know the ‘truth’.

    So sad.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of the PC version, its player count has been in a steady decline since release and has never reached or exceeded the 10,000 that some pCARS fanboy was trumpeting in the comments at launch. Gee, it’s almost like this could’ve been predicted or something…what’s funny is the US launch didn’t even register as a spike in the player count.


    1. Anonymous says:

      OK, so apparently the US PC launch was on the same day as the EU launch, unlike the console versions, so that explains why there was no spike. Player counts are still in decline, which was predictable to everyone except that one fanboy who apparently doesn’t know how the video game business works.


      1. Anonymous says:

        Seriously, a global launch for a title, and it didn’t even register 10k users. They were hyping this?


      2. Anonymous says:

        80,000 WMD members, 100,000 units sold on Steam, 6,188 playing right now.

        But it’s totally going to revolutionize sim racing guise!

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      3. Anonymous says:

        One of these spikes is the release of a paid DLC pack for a niche simulator. The other is the worldwide launch of a “mainstream” simulator that was hyped by Kotaku, Eurogamer, etc. for years.


  6. Alejandro Gorgal says:

    I know this is incredibly random, but I really have no other place to vent about PC so here goes my review of what I got to play.

    But first! Some background:

    I used to be a double manager on PCARS, this means that I had invested over 2k U$D on this thing and got to play daily builds.

    About a year ago Kunos released the technical demo for Assetto Corsa and after about 5 minutes of playing I decided that maybe I should use that money for something more productive, so I got myself a refund and acquired a Unity Pro license and started developing my own games (still in development, working on a studio doesn’t leave with a lot of time for personal projects).

    Another thing to keep in mind, the last two weeks of my life have been playing DiRT Rally non stop whilst wishing I had a third arm so I can masturbate while I drive, so there’s also that.

    So, PC came out and I decided to give it a go.

    First of all, that goddamn music is still all over your face. Look, I love opera, I’m going to see “L’elisir D’amore” today, and while I claim to be no expert on the subject I had to turn the music off just so I could think what I was doing.

    The same can be said about the entire sound design. Evrything is SO LOUD no matter how much you turn the volume down.
    On DiRT I feel like I can keep pumping the sound up and I never get tired because it’s nicely balanced and it actually gives me a ton of useful information about what’s going on.
    PCARS is loud and annoying, yet surprisingly useless in providing you with any uiseful information.

    Regarding physics, Im not going to bore you with details since I want to complain about something else, all I’m going to say is: It’s not terrible, it’s not good, it’s just surprisingly boring and the FFB has (I kid you not) about 90° of deadzone.

    Graphics on max settings are terrible. Shadows somehow look worse than I remember. They are grainy like the ones in GTA 4 when it first came out.
    The game has about 5 thounsad different types of AA and it still looks like a pixelated mess.

    Distant objects are always a bunch of angry pixels who cannot stay put.

    Finally, I’m going to get into the subject I really want to talk about because most likely I will be the only one touching this subject.

    This is one of the worst looking UIs I’ve seen in a long time.

    It’s so filled with huge, ugly icons. There’s no place to rest the eyes. Somehow they didn’t manage to fit everything on one page so the menu has a multiple page layout, with tabs that are almost impossible to see.
    And if you stop to take a look at any of the icons their design is incredibly tacky.

    What the hell happened?

    I remember seeing users posting design proposals for GUI that were really nice looking. Even though this thing is supposed to be “by the gamers, for the gamers” SMS somehow managed to ignore all proposals and come up with one of the most ugly looking, confusing fuckers I’ve seen.

    And don’t get me started on the vehicle select screen.
    They have a community that takes about a million screenshots per minute and yet somehow the menu has these low res, ugly pictures of the cars? What happened?

    Also, the menu still has debug options such as the jitter tweak, because why fix things when you can simply add a completely unexplained option to try and fix the game yourself.

    I’m sad. And at the same time I’m happy I got my refund.

    PCARS will probably be a commercial success judging by the reviews, and the cycle will continue.

    But one thing can be certain, I will no longer be part of this anymore.

    Back to some awesome rallying!


    1. says:

      The GUI is kind of hilarious on my 21:9 monitor, as it is full shown on the screen but I can’t access the second without hitting the key to flip to the second part of the GUI. It’s a silly thing.

      Also, agree with everything you said above. PCars is very boring indeed and it isn’t the looker – and never was really – that SMS promised in 2011. And the physics… I have no idea what the fanboys are seeing there. The game still feels like it did back in early 2012 when I got in the alpha: clumsy and stiff.

      Should have asked for a refund myself. But it was just really 10 euros.


    2. e123 says:

      Agreed on every point. I’m glad you got your refund. I got my $40 back sometime around builds 600-700.

      People flipped out about windows metro interface. Somehow SMS decided it would be a good idea to adopt some of that design with none of the functionality…

      So many aspects of this title in ‘release’ state boggle my mind. You are so correct about the shadows and distant objects…The pixels creeping around is all I could see, because you look ahead when you drive…Not 5 feet in front of the car where the only somewhat acceptable LODs finally appear. The fidelity really does seem worse than it did in the earlier builds.

      Looks like a last-second ‘optimization’ that frankly ruins any claims of decent graphics.

      The audio is atrocious. It has the same over-loaded midrange from shift that is very uncomfortable for the ears and really not at all realistic. In the ~ 1 hour I tested the release version (less than 10 laps total, rest of the time tweaking, restarting the game to apply changes and trying to figure out the UI), I heard at least one engine sample that came directly from shift 2. I really cannot understand the sound design… It’s like they are trying to re-create the sound you would get from an audio engineer that has zero understanding of input limits.


  7. Anonymous says:

    I brought things up like this to some sim-racing buddies, and got the same fanboy-responses. No it’s not the worst game out there, but it definitely ain’t the best either, especially considering the development time it’s had.

    Yet they’ll defend it to the death, just like they did for Gran Turismo.


    1. e123 says:

      There are a few of them trying… This is good stuff, hahaha.

      Somehow, relatively cool brakes holding a car at standstill are supposed to be generating enough residual heat to significantly warm the tires. Somehow, a wet track and the grass is supposed to be over 40 C in their minds.

      The amount of work these shills are going through to attempt to disregard the clear bugs… Amazing.


  8. FMecha says:

    Am I the only here who also complains about pCars’ lack of Japanese cars – even though I don’t have plans to play it? There’s only one so far (Evo X FQ400) and that was actually an UKDM model, barely counts.

    Expansion packs does say about “Nissan & Mitsubishi Macau”… proper JDM cars when?



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