Sector 3 praised for copying Sim Raceway

16248074516_1784555c17_oVirtualR – Sector 3 Studios have released previews of two new upcoming classic car additions to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title. Two new preview shots show off the Nissan Skyline GT-R32 Group A as well as the Fabcar 935. The latter is a derivate of Porsche’s ultra-successful Group 5 935 race car. Several manufacturers were building their own derivates of Porsche’s design in the early 80s, allowing Sector 3 to bybass the usual licensing restrictions when it comes to Porsche cars.

I just want to point out that while people praise Sector 3 for somehow successfully entering the F2P market with a racing sim that doesn’t entirely suck, the last developer to do this was almost unanimously hated and blamed for all sorts of crazy shit from stealing rFactor models and selling them for profit, to ruining altogether.

SRW and R3E are almost identical games – the base content is free (and it kind of sucks), and for “just a few dollars more”, you can “buy your own experience” as 99% of the content is up for sale in the in-game store. And in the end, regardless of your views as to what exact physics engine is better, both games do a decent job of simulating a car on a track.

So while people ran anybody who had anything to do with SRW out of the community, R3E instead receives practically unanimous praise:

Untitled-2Sim Raceway has a much larger selection of vehicles, a lot of them going for less than a dollar. R3E instead charges you over $30 for little five car “expansion packs” here and there, like the ADAC GT Masters set or the 2014 DTM set.

This is all from a company who teased GTR 3 for a few months before scrapping the project and releasing a hotlapping-only sim in it’s place.

jcqxSomebody please tell me why these guys receive all this praise for:

– Not releasing GTR 3
– Instead releasing a hotlap-only sim…
– …that’s full of micro transactions for alternate liveries…
-…then putting out overpriced “experience” expansions that require you to download the shitty F2P game…
-…featuring laughable AI…
-…and then creating an online mode that requires you to spend an overwhelming amount of money inside the store just to be able to join most of the rooms.

I’m sure, like all games, it’ll get better in time, but this is just sad.

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