R3E Will Be Free This Weekend

5ad5ec8fcd0575b24fb95c61d153929fCan’t ignore free. Probably the greatest marketing idea these guys have come up with so far, as the Free-To-Play pricing model scares off all but the most hardcore of racing sim fans who want to own everything Steam has to offer. Book Friday off from work because Sector 3 are essentially giving you an entire racing sim for free, and it’s a damn good one.

Be sure to grab our killer baseline setup before you hit the track.



9 thoughts on “R3E Will Be Free This Weekend

  1. Good move. If only some of the people who spent 10+ hours tweaking project cars put even a portion of the same effort into exploring R3E…


    1. You have no idea how right you are. I spent hours trying to get Project CARS getting the damn thing playable. In less than half the time, I fell in love with RaceRoom by just doing a few races with minimal tweaking to my FFB settings.


  2. I really hope this boosts multiplayer turn-out. I have the DTM 92 and ADAC 2014 packs from the steam sale, and for under 20 dollars for the game/content I have is really not bad.


  3. R3E is worts any Simmer worst his salt time, since the last update it has evolved into a very nice sim experience, as good as the best available today. If your are not into having to own all that is available, choose your favorite car, like you would in real life, talking about simulation, and the price to race with R3e is very reasonable.


    1. exactly Ive said to many people complaining about cost. Test drive the cars and buy the one you like in a category your interested in! Besides as you said in real life all the F1 drivers cant just decide to go merc for this weekend.


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