Reiza Studios Does Crowdfunding the RIGHT Way

Today, (or probably yesterday), Reiza Studios, developers of the criminally underrated Game Stock Car Extreme, announced their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The video alone previews some crazy new content coming to the fantastic Brazilian-centric racing sim, including but not limited to:ti2xv4yckptmq7nblbhv


d29jvffea3d7kndyduc6This news comes right after crowdfunding for Project CARS 2 was announced, and although rumors of Reiza resorting to crowdfunding in order to finish up the unlicensed V8 Supercars DLC were rapidly circulating, nobody knew how far they were willing to take this new business model.

With rFactor 2 stuck in development hell, Game Stock Car Extreme is seen as the true successor to rFactor and is increasing in popularity with each passing week. After my time spent in RaceDepartment’s V8 Stock Car League, it’s safe to say that I’m eagerly anticipating the new selection of content, and will pursue a spot in whatever serious leagues open up. And I think it’s the right call for Reiza to go down this route. The entire list of planned DLC is epic and covers a broad range of worldwide motorsports series that will flesh out what’s currently a very good but very South American-oriented racing sim.


39 thoughts on “Reiza Studios Does Crowdfunding the RIGHT Way

  1. If these guys are doing our Aussie V8 Supercars, then I know it’s going to be done right. They will be getting my donation.


      1. >Chris applied for the Fanatec affiliate program as a joke and they accepted us.

        Then do yourself a favor and apply for an affiliate with J-List, too. Given you James post on /ovg/ a lot, how many times you have seen J-List’s occasionally lewd ads?


  2. “…a very good but very South American-oriented racing sim.”

    I love it. So refreshing to have so many new (to a non South American) cars and tracks to learn. Seems like every sim out nowadays goes for bog standard GT3s and F1 tracks. I’m getting burnt out on lapping Audi R8s at Silverstone…


  3. Why they chosen IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter? One answer: because with IndieGoGo you can keep all the money, even if the project will not be done in the end, while with KickStarter, if you don’t accomplish it, you are obligated to refund everyone.
    IndieGoGo is the platform used by too many scammers (nor that they are scammers of course), but this is definitively not the right way to start.

    I would give them money on KS, no project on IndieGoGo will ever see a cent from me.


    1. On the flipside, at least they say that if they don’t meet their goal, they’ll continue to try and push out as much as they can with the funding available. I’m just happy with a proper V8 Supercar sim is coming, everything else is a bonus. I mean, who would have thought BRCar would get Stadium Super Trucks?


      1. So in 4 months we’ll see the blog posts here how they are shit?
        Dx12..? and 78k? …should I shallow this thing? All fine, let’s give them a chance (nor the money), I’ll check in some months where they will be.
        I won’t comment anymore until then.


      2. Well, lets put it this way:
        Before pcars, SMS made shift 2.
        Before asking for some crowdfunding, reiza has made GSCE.


    1. How is what Reiza are asking for any different to a Kickstarter for a company in the USA, UK, NZ, Africa or the moon? I don’t understand these types of comments, as if where you are from is full of saintly business types…

      An indie developers wants to raise $78K USD in 30 days after supporting their product with free & high quality updates for ages. Pity Reiza put physics and FFB and ahead of graphics as I’m sure the mindless twats who still suckle at Ian Bell’s teat have raised more money in a couple of hours than what Reiza would like after 30 days.

      Funny how consumers wonder why they get fucked in the arse so often when they choose utter cunts like SMS to support over developers like Reiza.

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      1. Haha…love your name and so true. This is now one of the few good places to come for sim News to get the truth. Also it’s nice to be able to speak as an adult without a douchebag nazi moderator treating us like children.

        SMS and PC1 are a pile of dung stinking up the clusters on my hard drive. Think it’s time to clear that trash once and for all.

        I wonder if they will even honor the ROI for us wmd members so I can get my cash back? Of fuck it…who cares and good riddance.


      2. Sorry, it was in reference to “Why they chosen IndieGoGo instead of Kickstarter?”. I’m wondering if it is possible for a Brazilian company to actually start a Kickstarter campaign. Seems it is not.

        “Project creation is currently available to individuals in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxembourg who meet the requirements below.”


      3. All good anon. Apologies if my response was terse as I thought it was a dig at Reiza. So far people are pledging just under $100 per pledge.

        No post on virtualr aka the SMS news channel as yet.


  4. Let`s see how many hours will take for VR to post these news… 4 hours in and nothing so far… wonder if SMS is fearing of losing 78k for true sim racing developers? lol


    1. The ‘owner’ of VirtualR must run his posts by his boss, Ian Bell, prior to posting them. Got to give a few more hours devotion to SMS stories before adding anything to do with Reiza or anyone else otherwise Ian will have an apoplectic fit.

      Why people still visit VirtualR is beyond me; this blog along with BSimracing covers enough stories.


      1. They did fabulous things with existing ISIMotor engine, it will be interesting to see what they will be able to achieve now that they have its source code available


  5. So SMS is pure evil… but when another company copies their business model almost exactly, but without as many benefits, they are saints? Priceless.


    1. Wrong on all levels.

      According to the head of the studio, SMS made a lot of money with NFS: Shift and Unleashed. It is ironic both NFS games were buggy messes that were largely fixed on PC with community made patches!

      Fast forward to now and SMS release yet another big riddled game that also makes a lot of money. Ian Bell states – and you can find the screen shots of his posts here – that backing isn’t needed for P-Cars 2, he wants £50 as a starting point to avoid what he sees as trolls and idiots joining his cult at WMD.

      Essentially one is paying £50 as a pre-order for the PC’s stardard edition and you are paying to be a part of QA testing. There is a promise that as a financial backer, you may guide the direction of P-Cars 2 however SMS have already established that little more than an illusion.

      Over at Reiza, they have produced nothing but high quality sims, both of which are largely bug free (the biggest issues are a LOD graphical issue and an offline championship point counting bug) and have released a slew of high quality FREE updates.

      Reiza are the definition of an indie developer who have produced racing sims about niche motorsport series. Reiza don’t have lots of money nor do they have a cult dedicated to roaming the internet hyping their product or engaging in slagging matches with those who dare to have a differing point of view.

      Reiza want just $78,000 USD to accomplish a range of tasks. SMS whose boss has stated they don’t actually need the funding, want £7,000,000 in funding and this time there isn’t any ROI.

      As for claiming Reiza are copying a ‘business model’ – Ian Bell didn’t invent public funding of products, it’s been around for quite some time.

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      1. Haha Wildcarde there, is in charge of hounding ppl in steam forums his unabiased and completley cult like attitude can be found in almost every Pcars complaints forum trying to discredite ppl and trying move attention away form the glaring defects that he almost always blames on the punter, hes exactly the type of teenage minded arsehole SMS has unleashed on the sim racing community and can be found almost everywhere as far as sim racing is concerned, trying to bring sim race scene down to the broken “AAA” EA\UBI titles from Devs that have a shit history of games.


    2. Yep, SMS is pure evil with fascists like you roaming the web trying to force their opinion and spreading lies. What is the deal ? Oh, and you can’t ban me from here.


  6. Project Cars is by far and away the best racing simulation on the market today. The future looks good for the sequel.


  7. “With rFactor 2 stuck in development hell, Game Stock Car Extreme is seen as the true successor to rFactor”

    What utter nonsense. Image Space Incorporated is the company pushing the sim racing genre ahead, constantly innovating, advancing what’s possible to achieve in a commercial simulator. Reiza is standing on the shoulders of a giant. It’s incredible how few people are aware that ISI have basically laid most of the foundation of racing sims as we know them today, and the disrespect towards ISI is mind baffling.


    1. Yeah I agree, instead of praising ISI for providing so many great race sims with a very robust engine for last 10 years, it is instead used as a negative, “oh enougher ISI based game”, but yeah if ya dont give the yanks stock cars and ovals you always gonna get complaints, Ive been really impressed with ISI tracks, mostly new to me and provides good racing, the cars may seem “random” and no real series (well except some great mods), but every one is a unique and great drive.

      ISI or RF2 aint perfect but theres a certain bitterness to it from a few ppl for reasons unknown to me, ppl might disagree with cars or tracks picked but you cant argue ISI is wanna the better devs around.


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