F1 2014 Somehow Looks Better Than F1 2015

DigiProst just released this killer YouTube video featuring a side-by-side comparison of wet-weather racing at Spa in Codemasters two newest Formula One games. Despite a complete re-build for next-generation consoles, F1 2014 looks better.

This is an embarrassing year for video games.


9 thoughts on “F1 2014 Somehow Looks Better Than F1 2015

  1. Don’t know but, F1 2015 doesn’t really look that bad. Have to try it yet to be sure. And that Spa looks far more accurate than the one in PCars. The long Kemmel straight feels ridiculously short of SMS game.


  2. It’s a FOV perception perhaps? Spa in pcars is the most accurate e beautiful track I ever played in a racing game, and I didn’t found anything strange with the Kemmel, or anything else? The only “wrong” part is the tree covering in certain corners (because in reality you have less than that number of trees…) but that’s something that could change with time (foliage..).


  3. I must be the only who like F1 2015. Tried yesterday and I think it’s the best F1 racing Codemasters did so far. It’s not a sim, not even close to that. But does look good for me and the physics… well, at least it resembles a car now and it’s driveable with my wheel.


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