The long awaited update for Bugbear’s Wreckfest broke the game

Spending over a year in Steam’s Early Access format, Bugbear’s spiritual successor to their much-loved FlatOut series entitled Wreckfest received its first update in eight months today. And according to reddit user smudi, it broke the game.

smudiThe entire thread can be viewed over on r/SimRacing and provides multiple sources for every complaint listed. Bugbear’s Wreckfest originally delighted driving game fans as Bugbear promised the game would be the FlatOut we always wanted to make, yet after a string of early updates and staggering financial success, the game sat dormant for eight months.

It’s a shame this new update appears to be less than stellar, as the base product is quite good – and like all Early Access driving games, it just needs more content.

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