Project CARS 2 Confirmed!

Page 48 of the “We Did It!” thread on the WMD forums contains a response from Ian Bell all but confirming Project CARS 2 is on the way.Project CARS 2 confirmed

  • A very short update for now as I’m jet-lagged to hell and back but the good news is that we will be continuing the WMD setup for pCARS2.

    We will open new forum sections when the game (pCARS1) ships to support the new users and you WMD experts will all have access and we’d greatly appreciate your assistance advising new users.

    I’ll be implementing a new non-profit return form of WMD for pCARS2 (to avoid the FSA hassle) and will set a purchase time limit of 2-3 months for those who want to take part. Following this, involvement will be closed. The tiers won’t have the higher cost options that we currently have (probably capped at 100 pounds with excellent benefits) and those who want to approach me personally to invest in the new game can do so providing it’s at or above 50k.

    I planned to release the above information with a new web page explaining the details of each purchase tier but we’re insanely busy and haven’t found the time. I’m aware though that I promised an update so here it is.

    In short, we want to continue and extend the community involvement in the pCARS brand which has proven to be so very effective and we want to ensure this great community lives on and thrives into the future.

This totally contradicts what Slightly Mad Studios have said about Project CARS in press releases and interviews.

daily mail

Through interviews, Slightly Mad Studios have stated that pCars will be a Destiny-like experience and “the concept of releasing a game and moving on are long gone… Expect to see a lot of content coming out for the game on a regular basis long after launch”, yet internally, the sights have already been set on Project CARS 2.


The first game hasn’t even been released yet, and already a sequel has been announced internally, even though in public Slightly Mad Studios have promised the days of immediately beginning work on a sequel are over.

Come on guys, this is EA levels of garbage.


39 thoughts on “Project CARS 2 Confirmed!

    1. that stupid annoying little cunt likes this site?
      Fuck, kinda ruins it for me.

      If you read this Mikey, please stab yourself in the eye for me. You’re literally the most annoying little fuck on the internet.


    1. Game developers discussing and planning the new game, along with a new round of crowd funding requests, before the current game (which is now realistically 2 1/2 years delayed) is even released, and still has 30% of the promised features relegated to DLC at a later date.

      Yea, some people find that a little “odd”. Not surprising, mind you, as the PCARS team has seemed pretty shady and more than willing to milk their money marks for all they’re worth, but odd just the same. The change from the rhetoric of “this will be a long running title with massive continued support” to “okay, this is gold, onto the next game, we’ll get you the information on how to send us $150, thanks guys!” Has to sting a bit.


      1. Its common sense in game industry, its just that due do the open approach of WMD (btw theres still a NDA you signed but Mr “pretend race cars” just give a f*k 😉 ) this gets leaked….bet my pants BF4 was half way done when BF3 was released (just an example).


    1. Hahaha. The same engine that’s been under NFS: SHIFT 1, 2, and Ferrari challenge for over half a decade. Truly groundbreaking stuff.


  1. There have spoken internally about pCars 2 since the beginning. Features have been marked as being for pCars 2 for years because they knew that they wouldn’t be done for the this release. What’s likely changed is that they now know they can fund a sequel..

    I think they are targeting a 2 year life + cycle still, which seems reasonable to me. meh, as fun as internet rage is, this really doesn’t bother me. Even updating every year is fine by me if they actually improve the game sufficiently to charge me full price again. Yearly updates cause the problem of fracturing the community, which is reduced with a 2 year cycle.

    I hope they will support pCars for at least 2 years but I personally have no issue with them wishing to build a “franchise”, which they have been quite open about on WMD


    1. This is a game that was originally supposed to be released in 2013, it’s now coming out halfway through 2015. How disorganized is this project that they’re bumping half the stuff that was supposed to be in this game to a sequel now?


      1. Features added to a sequel like FIFA, GTA, Halo, COD, Battlefield, Mario games, Gran Turismo, Forza, Need for Speed, Madden and even rFactor?… Wow, so surprising… Better get my pitchfork.


  2. The issue isnt that they are planning a sequel. The issue is that they are planning a sequel for an unreleased game that was due out 2 years ago….and claimed to be an ongoing project with continuous support and upgrades/dlc much longer than 2 years. The issue is they have lied to us, or atleast changed their minds.
    Even if its the latter, the change of mind suggests to me that there are fundamental flaws with the current project.
    This appears to be a very risky move.


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