Three weeks away from release, Project CARS still showing signs of instability

Despite announcing Project CARS as having gone “Gold” a few days ago, meaning the game is in a completed state and ready to be pressed onto discs, Slightly Mad Studios have still got their hands full with what seems to be a game in a perpetual state of disarray. These captures, taken roughly five minutes ago from the WMD forums, display a game with bugs and issues that may possibly not get fixed or even addressed in time for release.

Our first cap shows a user by the name of IJOJOI who is concerned at the quality of the street cars found in Project CARS. He feels they aren’t as good as other cars in the game in terms of physics, and admits that some cars received much more attention than others during testing. It appears he hopes that some of these cars will receive physics updates post-release, as is the case with PC sims like R3E and Assetto Corsa.1Our next capture featuring several different WMD, complain that the race length options in career mode simply don’t work.


And our final capture shows two users describing their issues with the AI pace lap lines. Some cars receive an unfair jump at the drop of the green flag, others brake check at random.


Earlier in the month, one user complained that the AI cars in Project CARS simply cannot navigate through tight corners when driving in close proximity to on another. His detailed account of problems with rolling starts even includes suggesting for SMS to disable rolling starts at Monaco as a temporary fix.


These bugs are understandable for a game in heavy development. However, with the release date a mere three weeks away, non-biased sim racers like myself are wondering what else will creep into the public release.

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