Project CARS passing off PC footage as PS4 footage


Today we caught wind of a YouTube video that has since been deleted, passing off PC footage of Project CARS as PS4 Gameplay. Originally posted on r/pcmasterrace, the Steam overlay spotted in the bottom right corner clearly indicates this is running on PC in some format. Some users have pointed out that the game is most likely being recorded through a PC’s capture card, although I question why anybody would do this, as PS4’s have their own built-in video capture technology that is pretty damn good on its own and records in HD. The fact that the video has been deleted after the Steam notification in the bottom right was spotted speaks miles about what’s going on with the console versions of Project CARS. Had the uploader recorded it through a capture card, it would have taken five seconds to type a comment indicating so.

The Forza Motorsport guys have also done a similar thing, showing Forza 5 running on PC during the DirectX 12 reveal, but it was made clear that the display was a tech demo. Given the shaky state of Project CARS on next-gen consoles, from PC-like graphics options showing up, to users groaning about terrible gamepad controls (which is sort of important for the console versions), rumors of extended delays for only the console versions of the game, and now blatantly misleading footage that was eventually taken down for violating YouTube’s terms of service? It all looks really bad, especially as competitors in the Sim Racing genre are steadily improving their products or dropping entire games on us out of nowhere.

admit defeat


10 thoughts on “Project CARS passing off PC footage as PS4 footage

    1. Nowhere in the article do I say it’s official footage – just that it’s out there and somebody’s doing it. This kind of stuff falls in line with the typical behavior of most WMD shills, who run around the internet trying to paint out pCars to be better than it actually is.


  1. Only need to take a look at the comments section of other pCars related articles to see why I dislike them. Doesn’t change the rest of the article regarding quality issues with the console version.


    1. Sure the comments on here from wmd member won’t be postive here. You’re posting screenshots of an internal forum and attacking (unfairly imo) their game.

      Hate on the game, on SMS and wmd members if you want, but come on man, stop posting screenshots from the internal forum, that’s not cool. It’s against the contract you’ve agreed with. There’s people that are using their real name there, just because it’s suppose to be internal.


      1. “The contract”?

        For fuck’s sake dude. Clicking a button on a message board registration screen isn’t exactly legally binding. Besides, I doubt too many courts are interested in matters about Shift 2.5 and its users that got bilked out of 50 bucks.


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