Is Reiza Studios offering the Cheapest (and coolest) Vacation Ever?

GSC 2015-04-19 04-49-19-12Last week, Reiza Studios announced an IndieGoGo Campaign designed to capitalize on the success of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS crowdfunding experiment. The project features several tiers, with the highest including an all-expenses paid trip to the Stock Car Brazil season finale at Interlagos.

Compared to paying for the trip yourself,  including finding a hotel, getting tickets for the race, and the ridiculous amount of planning involved in simply going on vacation, what Reiza is offering for the Level 12 contribution tier is an insane deal. Using Google to check what an average flight to South America would cost, it takes no time at all to see Reiza is giving away a trip that puts most family vacations to shame.

Untitled-3Living in Europe, even the cheapest flights to Interlagos almost cost more than the total all-inclusive package Reiza has up for Level 12 members – and flying in any sort of comfort, the costs quickly escalate to astronomical proportions.


Given how crazy Brazilian Stock Car racing is, with 56-car entry lists and a rabid following that puts NASCAR to shame, Reiza Studios might be offering the coolest vacation in the world of auto racing, and only a handful of people know about it.

GSC 2015-04-19 04-45-54-64


4 thoughts on “Is Reiza Studios offering the Cheapest (and coolest) Vacation Ever?

  1. They’ve hit $20K+ so far, hope to see it continue to rise.

    Also now that you mention it, that would be a killer vacation.


  2. Poor Reiza… They’ve only raised 22k in a week and it looks like they won’t even get halfway to their goal, because most of the funding in a crowdfunding happens in the first week. They make top-level sims and they deserve to get more.
    Meanwhile, the Greek Bailout Fund has raised over €1,200,000 in half the time…


  3. They aren’t advertising enough outside their own country. Plus it has a really goofy name which sounds like some shovelware title and puts people who have never heard of it off. When I tell other real life racers I am playing GAME STOCK CAR EXTREME I always have to then explain that it is just rFactor but improved by Brazilians.


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