Unleash your inner child and stay up until 3am playing Monster Truck Madness 2

Unfortunately, we live in an era where late 90’s racing games are woefully outdated and sometimes don’t work on modern systems.

mtmMonster Truck Madness 2, released by Microsoft Games and Terminal Reality Incorporated, is not one of those games. MTM2 was Microsoft’s first hugely popular driving game on , which at the time was like the PC version of Xbox Live. The engine behind MTM2 would later go on to power another Microsoft title, . This is about as simcade as you can get.

Oh, and it’ll recognize your G25, G27, or any other wheel that doesn’t use separated pedals with a bodnar cable.

It works on modern PC’s, there are patches to get it running in HD, and you can play it online with your buddies with the game’s robust Multiplayer mode – no hamachi required, just connect directly to your bro’s IP.

The full game can be downloaded here. It’s abandonware at this point, so it’s not exactly illegal. On Windows Vista and Windows 7, you must first set the compatibility mode to Windows XP and run the file as an administrator for the installation to work.

The necessary post-release patches can be downloaded here. Install before you even think about running the game.

And in true PretendRaceCars.net fashion, we’re not done yet!


A while back, for a group of bro’s, I compiled an entire MTM2 Content Pack featuring all of the best community add-ons that had ever been released for the game during its impressive decade-long lifespan. I grew up playing this game and rounding up the best tracks and trucks wasn’t difficult – there was one site that kept everything, and for reasons only God knows, I’m still able to recite some of the best modders of the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

While the game included a mere handful of trucks and tracks, this 110mb download contains over 70+ courses, including tons of the best community tracks, all tracks from the original Monster Truck Madness and several conversions from the 4×4 Evolution spinoff series, as well as all official TRI addons, and 50 trucks done in the original art style of the game.

DOWNLOAD THE PRC.NET MTM2 ADD-ON PACK HERE and extract it into the game’s main folder.

You’ll want the game to look the part too, and instructions for bringing Monster Truck Madness 2 up to modern graphical standards can be found here.

Lastly, increasing the game’s draw distance, which I’m sure your PC can handle by now, is sitting right here.

Have fun guys.

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