The Perfect R3E Baseline Setup is Here!

For as majestic as RaceRoom Racing Experience is, the game’s car setup element is comically simple. Like Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3, there appears to be one common setup that works across all Rear Wheel Drive cars in the game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it lets me focus on racing instead of building setups, and I’ll gladly pass that knowledge on to the readers of

This baseline setup works across all GT cars found in R3E, all DTM cars (including the fantastic 1992 pack), all Group 5 cars, and pretty much anything that sends the power to the rear tires. I’ve even won online races in the LMP2 cars using this basic formula.

R3E Magic Setup

  1. Set the front splitter at 2, and the rear wing at 16. For the DTM 1992 cars, keep everything at 1/1. Use equivalent fractions for the LMP2 cars as I don’t think they let you run super high wing values to begin with. You paid attention in school, right? Oh, and set the front ARB one click above the minimum value, and the rear ARB one click below the maximum value.
  2. Put the front toe at -0.24, the rear toe at 0.09. This is something both Guus and Sev found when we were racing Brazilian Stock Cars. It works across everything.
  3. Front camber at -3.5, rear camber at -2.8. Discovered racing GT3 cars in rFactor. It gives a nice neutral feeling all throughout the corner and works here.
  4. Turn off traction control. You have so much aero grip and the tires are so sticky that you won’t need it.
  5. Diff Power at 15%, Diff Coast at 20%, 1 click of preload, Brake Bias at 63/37. All values found playing Game Stock Car Extreme.

If it’s loose on entry, increase the value of the front anti-roll bar. If it’s loose on exit, decrease the value of the rear anti-roll bar.

By the way, this works across all other ISI-powered sims like rFactor, Stock Car Extreme, rFactor 2, and Race 07.

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13 thoughts on “The Perfect R3E Baseline Setup is Here!

  1. Thanks for your generous setup info in this post and previous posts. Very well presented as always.


  2. Likewise, been tinkering with the diff on CART Extreme cars, and I’ll have to give this approach a try.


  3. I was not expecting this to make such a big difference. This makes the cars feel so tight and controllable. Thanks for sharing. Setups and tuning have always been a complete mystery to me. This and your last post have been really good.


  4. Thanks a million this is great I hate dealing with setups.
    Went from racing AI at around 95 straight up to 110-120 with this setup! And I have to use a gamepad too!



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