Reader Submission #14 – Aussie Comes Through in the Clutch

Today’s Reader Submission comes from Sam S. He claims that has significantly increased their shilling of Project CARS by censoring talk of other racing sims, most notably Rezia Studio’s Game Stock Car Extreme and the crowdfunding campaign that was recently announced.

We’ve heard rumors that VirtualR were really going hard in the paint when it came to promoting pCars through pseudo-news, and a few comments on here described an abnormally long period between the news about Reiza’s crowdfunding campaign breaking versus the abnormally long period of time it’s taken for the news to show up on VirtualR- in fact it hasn’t.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and hadn’t reported on it because A) we can’t exactly prove that someone’s refusing to publish news and B) the guy’s probably just taking a break from the site – I do it too sometimes.

Well, I guess we have proof now.

Good day,

Can you please check if I’m just being a naive internet user or not? I’ve posted two comments on VirtualR about the GSC Extreme campaign, or the lack of it on the front page news, but both times my posts were detected as spam. I’ve added a pic of my disqus profile to show you what I mean. I can see that the first one could be spam because of the web link, but not the older one.


I just find it hard to believe that a sim news site like that wouldn’t have this sort of obvious news on there let to be begin with. I know there is pCars money involved but surely they would show this?

The best way to promote a niche video game genre is to sell out your news site to a controversial developer and only talk about a highly buggy game that a ton of people aren’t satisfied with. We have two censored words here, and both of them are to keep the personal attacks from getting out of hand.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-27 20-55-15-47


9 thoughts on “Reader Submission #14 – Aussie Comes Through in the Clutch

  1. i love how they finally posted an article five days later, less than an hour after this was published.

    is pretendracecars still banned on virtualr???


  2. So first we (you technically) get a knee-jerk reaction from iRacing for constructive criticism, and then VirtualR only takes action after this is posted. Interesting…

    Granted it was a weekend, maybe laziness won, but still, even GTPlanet posts new “stories” on the weekend.


  3. The VirtualR admin regularly takes breaks of at least 3-4 days in posting news, so I don’t think this is super unusual. But it’s pretty obvious that he posted the “Project CARS ā€“ Patch 2.0 Details Revealed” article to quell fears that pCARS 1 won’t be abandoned after the sequel announcement. Maybe because of that he felt he was “done” posting news for a bit, letting minor articles like the launch of a crowdfunding campaign essential to the future of a rival developer lapse, and then posting it first so that it appears at the bottom.


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