Late 90’s Arcade Racer “Rollcage” returns as “Grip”

I’m not going to pretend I owned a copy of the full game or cared much for it back in the day (though I know I played the demo once), but cult classic Rollcage is coming back as Grip for the PC and PS4, and you can’t deny that it looks awesome.

Already gone through Steam’s Greenlight feature, the game will feature online multiplayer and according to TeamVVV, we’ll see an official Kickstarter campaign sometime this summer.


3 thoughts on “Late 90’s Arcade Racer “Rollcage” returns as “Grip”

  1. I was a huge fan of this series back in the day.
    To be honest, I was fan of pretty much everything Psignosis released back then. From Destruction Derby, to Wipeout to thinks like the absolutely glorious Colony Wars (a super hard space combat game).

    Im looking forward to this, though to be honest the biggest draw of the series was the “Scramble” mode, which has now been replaced by the Trackmania series (which BTW, has a new game coming this year).

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