New Video Shows off the Artistic Side of iRacing Members

A fantastic video with the soothing musical arrangements of none other than Mozart has been uploaded to YouTube by Amadeu de Brito displaying the start of an online GT3 race at Donnington. iRacing is known regarded as the best online racing experience available for consumers, featuring scheduled start times and a much more serious mindset of drivers than you’d see in public lobbies for games like Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo.

Or maybe that’s a myth and the racing really isn’t any better than your standard racing sim.


13 thoughts on “New Video Shows off the Artistic Side of iRacing Members

    1. Well before we get all carried away here, there’s nobody online in R3E. Last time I went to try getting online there were 3 populated servers and the busiest one had 4 people in it. This iracing race (iRace?) was at 6pm and it was so packed there were 3 splits. Yeah iracing is far from perfect, but it is literally the ONLY place to get packed online races nowadays…


      1. Fair enough.

        Though the point is more that even though the level of online participation is higher with iracing, perhaps quality over quantity applies.

        I know I would rather race with 5 good drivers than a full grid of dangerously out of control drivers.

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    2. I absolutely love RaceRoom but “more free” isn’t saying much when you’re comparing it to iRacing. R3E is seriously held back by its convoluted and really opaque pay model. If you know what you’re doing, you can spend very little to get a lot, but it requires a lot of research.

      Because of that, RaceRoom unfortunately has a very fragmented and sad online community. I live in EST US, and the only time I can get an online race is on the weekends during midday, which is prime time for the European time zones.

      It’s a serious issue with the game, and it really sucks because the game itself is great. The combination of the awful content fragmentation and obtuse pay model makes online very empty at all but the most active times.

      I hate saying all that too, because I want more people to play and get into R3E. I want more people to race against in multiplayer, but Sector 3 are really shooting themselves in the foot with their structure and pay model.

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      1. Well said. It’s a bummer that there’s only one sim out today with any actual participation (iRacing), but until the other devs get with the times it looks like that’s how it’s gonna stay…

        I don’t choose to spend all my free time in iRacing because it’s the best choice for multiplayer, I do it because it’s really the only choice…


      2. I can certainly see the attraction with a full grid of at least thoughtful drivers. Even if it isn’t a given race to race, the ones that do work can be very good.


    1. Pretty sure the facebook stalking thing is in nascar 2003. Not iRacing.
      Also I wonder, is there any racing simulator that this site doesn’t have a hateboner for? I mean, they seem to hate everything equally at least.


      1. Check the Reiza category on the side, James raced in a Stock Car Extreme league and did write ups for each race, and shared his setups too.

        They also like R3E, Dirt Rally, rF2, and Arca Sim Racing.

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  1. At this point, the only interest I have in iRacing is the availability of laser-scanned tracks & cars. (That AC doesn’t have)

    If I had more free time, the multiplayer could interest me, but that’s life.


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