D-Series Displays the Flaws of Early Access

Not many people know about this one, but D-Series is a grassroots attempt at an Off Road racing sim within the Unity game engine, an engine previously used for the abomination that was Colin McRae Rally. Released on Steam in Early Access format, for the not so low price of $17.99, the title has seen virtually zero improvements in a year and a half since EmptyBox covered the title in January of 2014:

Jimmy Broadbent took a look at the game for his YouTube channel a few months ago, and the game is practically unchanged:

Whoops. Don’t make racing games on the Unity Engine, and don’t contribute to titles made by a one-man dev team because sometimes they’ll just straight up abandon it.

One thought on “D-Series Displays the Flaws of Early Access

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe getting it on Steam will motivate the dev. It doesn’t look too bad, just in early alpha.



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