EmptyBox and Stella Stig uploaded the exact same video today

Two YouTube personalities, two identical videos:

First, EmptyBox presents “SuperV8 is gonna be Super!”

And now Stella Stig presents “A V8 isn’t a V8 unless it’s Super!”



17 thoughts on “EmptyBox and Stella Stig uploaded the exact same video today

  1. Why is this a problem ?, like a few articles ago you were all “This influx of SuperV8 videos is probably behind the sudden funding-boost, and that’s good for the game”, and now you’re all “These two scrubs uploaded SuperV8 videos same-day, fucking twats”

    Like… WTF ?

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    1. After 25 minutes of listening to a dude talk about the V8SC while lapping at Montreal, another dude uploads basically the same video, at the same track, even starting the video the same way.


      1. Again, how is this an issue ?, how is this a negative for the game ?. There’s currently one car and one track that are new in the Beta access. Chances that people are going to talk about both around the same time (i.e. release) are fairly high.

        This is like the teenage girl throwing a shit-fit because another chick showed up at the party wearing the same dress or something.

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  2. These videos are unbareable. A guy driving and talking… Really? How can people watch that? League races are entertaining, tutorials are informative, this is crap.


  3. Is Saturday “PRC goes retarded” day or something?

    “Some guy thinks Polyphony will make a standalone FIA GT game”
    “Some guys made videos about the new GSCE beta content, laugh at them”


    1. Only on Saturday? The “articles” were already a bunch of gossip talking.. but from when they announced the possibility to monetize it, the bait-click posts increased exponentially.
      I think they believe that posting flame-only stories, is enough to collect enough click to being rich… if it was that easy, we would be all millionaires.


  4. >two faggoty youtube personalities
    Literally who cares. They should both fucking kill themselves. You too for posting this bullshit.


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