The 215K Hits Celebration Party – Opening The Floor to the Readers!

215I guess this is a thing that narcissistic YouTube girls do – they throw some sort of a party whenever they hit a “landmark” subscriber or view count number. Since it’s a slow news weekend and there’s literally nothing to report on, we’ll do what we can to keep this off-week interesting for PRC readers and haters alike.

Since starting in January 2015 almost as a joke, we’ve managed to get 215,000 hits among 81,400 unique visitors, and our terrible blog that nobody should ever trust managed to land on PC Gamer. And N4G. And PowerGamer. And Gameranx. EmptyBox has made a video shilling for us even though he doesn’t actually like us. We can monitor all of these instances in real time as well. WordPress is cool like that.

a12121At the moment, our numbers are slightly more successful than both Ke$ha’s recent university tour, and the Canadian leg of Lights’ Little Machines tour. More people visited on June 29th than attended IndyCar’s MAVTV 500 in Fontana! We’re moving on up!

So let’s do something crazy.

GSC 2015-04-13 23-13-35-51We’re going to open the floor to all readers, haters, and trolls of PRC. In the comments section below, ask us any question you’d like. Hell, ask multiple questions. Anything goes and no subject is off topic. Chris and I will answer as many as we can in an article on Sunday night after the Sprint Cup race at Daytona.

Go hard, and here’s to the future!


41 thoughts on “The 215K Hits Celebration Party – Opening The Floor to the Readers!

  1. I have tight butthole, but I managed to get a stick of dynamite up there. If I clench my butthole hard enough, do you think I can explode?


  2. I’ll be the first serious one I guess.

    If there was 1 thing you could change about the Brazilian/GSCE V8 Stock Car, aesthetics/performance/etc, what would that be ?.

    Also any track suggestions for SC first-timers ?, they look cool and sound awesome, but I have a habit of swapping the front & rear quite often on corner exit, even with your ‘super setup’ for gMotor games.

    Any plans of pursuing that iRacing ban ?, or just giving that up and moving on to something else ?

    I’ll probably add more as I think of them.


  3. You have a gift for coming into contact with stupid bullshit within the sim racing community. What is your secret?


  4. How many of those UV are bots or spiders – you be surprised how many frequent a site (anything from 50 plus per day)
    So stop blowing smoke up your arse and keep up the good work 🙂


  5. Congrats guys, you deserved that and even more. Keep up your great work and the true journalism, it is about time someone to set some new standards.


  6. well it doesnt hurt that you have Ian Bell going stanry roo. RIP Stanry Roo.

    just replace roo with bell and tortanic with pcars.

    ding dong bannu!


  7. What do you guys think about drifting? Do you follow Formula D or D1 or whatever? Would you like to try it out in RL?

    Can’t think of anything better. Keep up the good work you motherfuckers!


  8. Why do you guys use fake names on your blogs when, on your podcasts, you’ve constantly slipped up and said your real names on several occasions? On the other hand, at other times you’ll show screenshots where your real names (I think..?) are exposed to the public.

    I honestly can’t tell if you guys are trying to hide your identities or not. What’s the deal?

    And when are you guys doing another podcast?


  9. Okay, here’s one:

    What real-life vehicles are you basing your FFB settings off of? I’ve seen you mention that you go for realistic feeling comparable to the actual vehicles, which sounds to be a very, very light form of feedback.

    Just wanted to mention that most cars with a decent steering rack have a great deal of feedback. A good set of tires and you can feel every tiny little seam in the road, scrubbing, etc.

    Some cars I’ve driven, hardly any feedback through the wheel at all. Usually those same cars have very isolated on-off spongy brakes with no feel.

    Some cars feel like muted, isolated trash from the factory, wallowing over the road. 99% of the cars represented in sims do not feel that way at all.

    IDK, just rambling a bit. I keep seeing the ‘real cars don’t have appreciable wheel feedback anyways’ mentioned off-hand all over the internet and I don’t know why people have this misunderstanding.


  10. You wrote an article a few weeks back on how a more expensive driving wheel and pedals won’t make you faster. Do you feel that there are any benefits of any kind to a higher-end setup?


    1. On a related note, what are your thoughts on pad vs wheel?

      I’ve seen some people put in alien-level pace on Forza/GT with pads over the past few years.


  11. What is the real state of rF2 at the moment? Is it worth buying? Are you just waiting for the new gen6 cars to drop to review it?


  12. 1. Thoughts on {a} F1 Challenge 99-02, {b] Grand Prix 4, and {c} Shutokou Battle (Tokyo Xtreme Racer)?
    2. In your opinion, what is the best arcade (as in coin-op) racer?
    3. GT6’s new content have been Vision GT cars so far. What do you think about it?
    4. When I post a comment here, I’ve saging your posts too. Do you have any problems with that?
    5. Seeing the Fanatec affiliate thing was a joke… can you please, PLEASE… get Peter Payne on phone now AND have a affiliate deal with J-List ASAP? I really want to see “Click for J-List!” banners here. On top of that, you’ll also need to make J-List as your sponsor when you race too.


    1. Correction to 3:

      3. GT6’s new content have been *primarily* Vision GT cars so far. What do you think about it?

      I really forget there’s things like the cars from GT Academy and Senna stuff, as well as things like Red Bull Ring and Circuito de la Sierra.


  13. Can jet fuel melt steel beams?


    Now that the site is growing, do you have some sort of ‘goal’ or achievement in mind?
    ( implying you didn’t already have one )


  14. 1. Your opinion on: a) MotoGP games b) Formula 1/F1 97′ c) NASCAR EA
    2. What’s the worst race you ever had in a racing game?
    3. What’s the worst racing game you ever played in your life?
    4. What’s your favorite underdog car to drive in a racing game?


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