Team VVV can’t tolerate F1 2015

Alan of Team VVV Automotive released his First Look video for F1 2015 today, and as he writes in the description, his experience has been “far from positive.” This is a pretty big deal, as Alan features many different Codemasters titles on his site quite prominently, taking time out of serious sim reviews to give an equally thorough overview of games the greater sim community usually ignores. He seems to generally enjoy the various GRID and F1 installments Codemasters have put out over the years, so a scathing review from Alan means there’s something seriously wrong with the game.

Alan’s video, running at about ten minutes in length, showcases the various bugs and issues plaguing the game, and the initial comments on his YouTube channel by dedicated Team VVV viewers describe F1 2015 as if “Codemasters just gave up on F1”. Several graphical glitches pop up, the game crashes on Alan at one point, and he constantly finds himself spinning out without any rhyme or reason despite being a rather competent sim racer.

I indeed torrented F1 2015 the other day just to try it, and was shocked at how bad it was. I really wanted to do a review of my own experiences with the title, but in the end could not, as I couldn’t get it to run at even a fraction of the quality of F1 2014, a game where I spontaneously sat down and won a full length Monaco Grand Prix in my undies.


29 thoughts on “Team VVV can’t tolerate F1 2015

    1. What the hell are you talking about.

      Alan has a long history of racing games and sims – some of which he was UK champion in. His videos may not be to everyone’s taste – my like Empty Box, Betta Lines, Gamer Muscle et al.

      Anon, make your own YT channel so we can heap shit on you.


      1. From what I can gather, Alan doesn’t participate in online racing any longer and isn’t making videos to show how fast he is – the F1 video simply highlights the terrible AI and various glitches despite patches.

        As for his lines, I think it’s a wheel issue as mentioned in the video. Not suggesting the criticisms aren’t valid, just pointing out what I can recall from the video.


      2. Yeah, good points.

        I’ll certainly give him the benefit of the doubt here, as he is doing a pretty good job dealing with difficult conditions.

        I honestly haven’t watched more than a few of his videos, so maybe I’ve never seen him turn on the heat.


  1. The games isn’t great, he’s spot on about the race starts. But I didn’t have any performance issues, GTX 970 maxed out settings 1080p 60fps. Also I haven’t seen the glitchy graphics like missing wheels or z buffer fighting.

    Possibly the poor performance experienced by Alan is due to the glitching itself.


  2. Alan is very professional, and he’s one of those who followed the Project CARS development and have “reviewed” it without “fanboysm” or hate. It’s one of his preferred sim so far.
    He show clearly what’s the difference between the journalism and the gossip.


      1. Yeah I particularly like the lack of context.

        Just ‘alan is best, he lov pcars’.

        For Pcars shill #1: Go watch his videos in pcars and come back here to tell me that his opinion actually matters. I feel like having a good laugh.

        If anyone follows the lines chosen by terrible AI, then they are really not competent drivers and aren’t going to find the ‘f1’ full brake lock yet you can still change directions bullshit or the infinite corner ‘just turn more’ grip.

        In real life, when you use 100% of tire grip by locking your tyres, there’s absolutely NO grip left over to adjust your trajectory. Same thing in the corners, once you utilize 100% of grip and understeer, there’s NO grip left to continue pulling into the apex.

        It’s completely fucked up. Pcars doesn’t even have the most basic aspects of driving on the limit correct.


    1. Oh right probably has nothing to do with the fact he was begging WMD members for money to push their shit, completely unbiased im sure.

      Name one thing pcars does better than other sims apart from graphics, go.


      1. Game breaking bugs. pCARS does these better than any other sim.

        SMS does bugs/glitches better than any other sim developer I can recall. NFS: Shift and NFS: Shift Unleashed had plenty of issues too.


    2. Could swear I’ve saw him on a post at WMD making marketing videos (comparisons, real-life vs. Pcars, whatever) for SMS. I bet the money from Codemasters ran dry and he suddenly started to hate their games.

      Honestly, I don’t think F1 2015 is that bad. I think all the other F1 games between 2010-2014 were far worse. But hey, I’m preaching for the desert here.

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      1. I also agree. I really don’t know what previous versions of codemaster’s F1 people have been playing…. Apparently, not the same versions I had.


  3. So to resume: Alan is god.. but only when he talks good about something you like, otherwise he’s an idiot. Makes sense.


  4. Alan backs anything positively he gets cash for. Look at his begging on all his videos.
    He doesn’t race for fun or for himself, he does all this for his wallet.


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