Huge GT3 Mod for Game Stock Car Extreme Released!

A couple weeks ago, we reported on an upcoming GT3 mod by European Endurance Center for Game Stock Car Extreme that was struggling to see a stable version as the release date neared. A group of guys from 4Chan happened to gain access to a nearly finished version of the mod, intending to use it for their upcoming GT3 league, and found themselves racing to both finish and improve what they felt was lacking in what the EEC team had done during development.

gt3-eecIt’s important to note that EEC are still currently working on their version of the mod, but there’s a reason we’ve chosen to highlight this particular release. Many of the guys in charge of running the 4Chan GT3 series felt the default version of the mod drove poorly and would be released in a state inadequate for league racing – comparing some of the cars to “boats that would understeer into the wall,” and had a couple balance issues between cars that needed to be fixed. From what I’ve been told, some stuff has been done with the tires as well.

And from what I’ve driven of the 4Chan league release, it’s surprisingly good.

1436981612382Weighing in at just over 740 Megabytes, the mod doesn’t include any liveries, but offers a whopping sixteen modern GT3 rides, complete with evolutions and variations seen on track since 2011, bringing the overall total car count to just under thirty. I’m not sure of how many models were ripped, and how many were scratch made, but the big thing I noticed is that the exterior’s are all relatively clean and blend in adequately with the default Stock Car Extreme content. Despite the milkshow liveries, this mod doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb compared to quick rFactor conversions of other mods. I don’t think you’ll be able to see in screenshots, but the tires look really nice.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-50-14-42Inside the cockpit, however, it’s kind of shit. The default cockpit eyepoint also needed some personal tweaking to get it how I wanted it, and even then I felt the gauge cluster on the McLaren was a tad too high. That’s me whining, though.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-50-45-30I took the 2011 McLaren MP4-12C GT3 out for a spin at Taruma, a track that’s almost like a South American version of Lime Rock Park. Unlike LRP, the track is insanely bumpy, and the speed sector is right at the start of the lap, followed by two rhythm sectors. As I mentioned in the Race Recap, the hairpin was a nightmare to learn and constantly upset the car.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-49-34-51I was happy with how well the mod behaved in the Car Setup screen – sometimes you’ll find shitty rFactor mods are loaded with really strange, unfamiliar values compared to the same car in other racing sims, and it was really nice to see numbers, especially aero settings, that were uniform across other cars in Game Stock Car Extreme. I basically took my R3E Baseline (I messed with the sway bars a bit) and injected as much as I could into the GSCX setup menu.

And it worked. So that was nice. The only issue I had was the lack of different tire compounds, but given this mod is for a league, this is probably for competition purposes. Hell, I did the same thing with the Mustang for Assetto Corsa a while back. Street tires or bust.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-48-28-66On track, it drove like R3E’s 2014 ADAC cars. The force feedback in GSCX isn’t as good as it is in R3E, but the end result – how the car performed on track – was. It felt like a race car designed for rich guys so they could go fast and not die in the process. I definitely prefer the artificial difficulty found in the non-patched release of the 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series mod for rFactor by Simtek, but if I were to drive this car for an entire season, I don’t think I’d hate it. It obviously remains to be seen what kind of setup exploits and driving style exploits will be found, but for what’s essentially a league edition of a mod still in beta, it was surprisingly a quality addition to my GSCX install.

Yet, after tweaking the setup a bit and running even more laps, I can’t help but think it was almost too easy. The car wasn’t just balanced and running hard, it felt  glued to the track. Even in the most problematic section, coming out of the notorious left-handed hairpin, the car never flinched; a portion of the track that royally fucked people up during Stock Car qualifying in May. Sure, blowing your braking points or retarded wheel movements would send you into the barrier, but you could launch the throttle pedal through the backside of your desk and the rear end would still be firmly planted.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-47-14-69It’s free and there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a try aside from your own moral decisions about whether it’s right to support a third party league edition of a mod already using cars probably ripped from several different games, but if you’re still interested, CLICK HERE to give it a try.

And if you’re shit with setups, here’s my 2011 McLaren Baseline Setup. You’re looking for a 58.64 at Taruma, but there’s definitely much more left in it.

GSC 2015-07-28 16-47-41-94


70 thoughts on “Huge GT3 Mod for Game Stock Car Extreme Released!

    1. This is stolen property from EEC. The review was very unfair as the MOD is still under development, and when finished will equal or better the rightful author’s effort for his excellent GTR2 GT3 mods. What’s been provided to you won’t race guys. No refuel, CTD crashes and no liveries is what you have to look forward to. If you ever want to see this mod publicly released for offline racing someone needs to provide the child’s name who stole this, edited files and then called it their own to the admins over at EEC. If you’re a real racer you’ll help. If you’re a twit like the moron who stole this just go home and play with yourself.


      1. You are wrong. This is a re did mod you fucking idiot.

        These guys worked magic and re did your fucking trash, and there is refueling in this version.


  1. >unfinished modification to an unfinished, unreleased mod
    >Huge GT3 Mod for Game Stock Car Extreme Released!
    GJ shitter


      1. Can’t say I agree that LFS has the best FFB. Feels a bit simplistic to me these days.

        Pretty sure people’s varying opinions are mostly down to hardware.


  2. More content is always good.

    I am sad to hear that it feels too stable. That hairpin should be causing problems at the very least, it feels like it’s designed to punish aggressive throttle application.

    It’s possible that the 12c will be the most stable of all the cars in those particular conditions. Maybe an attempt at expressing the unique suspension geometry.

    Almost certainly wishful thinking on my part.

    Much more probable that all cars are going to feel too stable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No they are not all “stable” you actually have to take use of the aids like in real life to be able to properly drive some of the cars, like the gtr.


    2. Well, James is running a ton of rear wing and 15% diff power. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t stable. But all the cars seems to act and behave differently based on reports. So who knows.


      1. “But all the cars seems to act and behave differently based on reports.”

        Now that’s what I like to hear. If they can just continue polishing the differences to align with the real counterparts, then this can be a great mod.


      2. “I took all the wing out and it feels the same.”

        That’s not good. Hopefully, we are looking at a bug of some sort.

        Any reports on other cars and how they react to the rear wing deflection?


        1. Wing reports are accurate. Currently running 0 rear wing and it feels the exact same, just a quicker top speed. Although to be honest, I’ve heard actual GT3 teams might be using minimal angle of attack in the real world as well.


      3. Yeah, they may indeed be able to get away with that on a good number of tracks.

        As you know, the car should still be reacting to wing deflection with more than just increased/decreased drag.


  3. I can´t ignore the impression that a lot of these models are ripped from other games. Seeing how long single scratch made cars take these days for the quality we already are used to, no way that this amount of cars has been done without taking the dirty way.


    1. There’s no question about it. Not all of them because not everything could be ripped but the templates for Shift don’t still work on several cars for nothing.

      Looks like they did their own 2011 modification of the Z4 which hopefully sucks less than the BES2012 one that some paint schemes wouldn’t even fit on.


  4. I think you fotgot to include a line that says something like “my apologies to the guys at EEC who I had a go at the other day, it turns out you’ve actually done a great job”.

    Regardless of the models’ origins (all are originally converted but with A LOT of additional work done) or how much the physics have been tweaked, to have a selection of cars this varied looking and feeling great in a pack together is a great achievement that several people over there have worked hard on for a long time.

    They’re also producing excellent packs of liveries that should be out for all major championships at some point in the not-too-distant future too.


    1. For instance, the base Porsche was originally from Shift 2 but has been completely rebuilt up to the specifications that it ran from 2013 onwards. I won’t name them all here, but there’s a team of about 15 people (including some from IMT) who have put a lot of effort and work into these and its good to see it come to fruition.


      1. Taking improperly utilized models (with clear physical problems such as fucked up wheel offset) and polishing/fixing them for a decent simulator doesn’t bother me in the least.

        At least someone is making use of previously abused ‘professional’ content.


  5. From my experience with gt3 cars in GT6 and the WES mod for rFactor, GT3 cars are really, really stable. The are basically LMP1 tech shoved into a road car body.


    1. And they are because there is a huge amount of gentleman drivers racing with them. Nobody want to make these cars too hard to drive and having them crashing these machines.
      There is a false sense in the sim racing community that thinks it’s only real when it’s hard. What is not truth. Once you remove the physical effects (on your body) of driving a race car, because you can’t simulate this while driving in a PC, many modern cars become very easy to drive


  6. lol these guys…
    Well.. these physics were made with help from race car engineers so if they think they are bad they don’t know what simulation is.
    Thanks for posting this. Now all the new guys that joined the drivers group can be banned because of a single dude with no life.


      1. These physics are only trash for people that can’t deal with setup. If you explored it you’d understand them. Everyone in the forum had some hard time in the begining but once we all drove more we started learning it. 🙂
        This site should tell the truth about how these guys got the latest version of the mod and said they “fixed” it when it was all already fixed…
        Dude that posted this don’t even understand why there is a single tire compound. I bet he didn’t notice you can’t refuel either.


      2. Well, provide the details then…..

        Not taking sides here, just looking to enjoy and understand the content as much as possible.


      3. The major issue came from the steering arms, as they were placed behind the wheel hub on half the cars. This leads to reversed FFB and awkward FFB effects even when it’s reversed in the force feedback menu. It was an issue uli and patriot didn’t know how to solve or knew what was causing the reversed FFB.


      1. Details and explanations would be provided once the mod was released for public in a Read Me file as well with specific instructions about tires. There was a reason we kept it for online racers first, we wanted a good mod to go out. Some other fixes and GT3 cars would come later when we managed to make the mod stop crashing (and we did it). Now who knows if this will be released, I doubt it. That’s sure a motivation killer.
        And we still have to hear “this is just cars taken from other games”. Well cool… if it’s “just” this anyone (including the guys that took our mod) could do it with the same or even better quality, yet they prefered to lie to get into our forum and do this when we even allowed some people to have access first…


      2. “We”? So you are a *contributing* member of the team?

        Either you deal with the complaints about ripped content now or later. Fact is, I have zero problem with ripped content, particularly when you’re taking the time to correct errors. Shift 2 models weren’t utilized correctly in the first place. If I was one of the content artists who produced a model you guys fixed and integrated, I would be pleased to see that my work was still valued.

        I don’t think anyone here is claiming that these are ‘just’ ripped models. Actually, most if not everyone here is pretty excited by this work. We merely want to see it turn out for the best.

        Now, maybe I’m royally confused, but wasn’t this originally ‘leaked’ (I don’t know exactly what ‘kept for online racers first’ means) on 4chan? Sounds like one of your pre-existing ‘trusted’ members are to blame.

        Now, you can either pretend that everyone here is trying to shit on this content, or you can realize that we are pretty passionate about the potential.

        Perhaps an apology to EEC is in order. However, if honest expression of opinions and clear public interest is a form of demotivation, then perhaps there’s a larger issue that needs to be addressed.

        Frankly, I don’t think you’re a contributing member. You sound like someone who simply has a relationship with the actual developers.

        For the actual developers: keep up the good work, address actual problems and explain why questionable behavior may indeed be accurate. I’m willing to pay for it, even more so if I can test your content first.

        Now, I don’t believe for a second that the majority (if not all) of non-assisted gt3 cars will not oversteer in the conditions James described above. That’s bullshit. As easy as gt3 cars can be to drive, you still can’t act like a complete dumbass on that section of Taruma and expect to maintain stability. Physically impossible.

        Have the race car engineer consultants test the above situation and then address it based on their feedback if you aren’t willing to listen to basic physics alone. Whining is not going to improve the situation.


      1. Hopefully if you re-upload you’ll try to keep it up to date? Since the changelog seems to indicate it’s still in beta even for these 4chan people.


  7. I’m sorry. But this entire article is completely laughable. Firstly the mod by 4chan is blatant theft. Secondly, don’t like the physics we use. Shame on you. Because these cars drive exceptionally well once setup for the specific track that you’re using. And I mean it’ll work on all tracks. Thirdly, camera views. You got an old version my friend, they were fixed in the last update, which nobody is getting. Finally, I’d like to see how you 4chan fools are going to “finish and improve” the mod when the latest version of the mod is staying strictly under wraps. They won’t even compare. 😉


    1. How did they get their hands on it in the first place?

      “Because these cars drive exceptionally well once setup for the specific track that you’re using.”

      That wasn’t the complaint. The complaint is that they drive too well (low speed turning stability on a rough track, specifically), regardless of setup…

      I think you’re another one who isn’t actually a contributing member of the team.

      Very strange and rather SMSish behavior going on here…


    2. Ignore el23… dude is just a troll making assumptions. Since he is so sure about many things let him be sure about his foolishness


      1. Deflection…

        Clearly, you do not represent the actual developers, otherwise you would have said so and taken the opportunity to provide a place for factual discussions.


      2. Yeah, you aren’t.

        Behaving like a petulant child is a great way to give people a negative initial impression of these other people’s work. They probably wouldn’t appreciate it, just as they didn’t appreciate the leak.

        Go cull the 4chan dickheads (you’re acting like one of them…) from the group and show everyone how wrong they are if you aren’t interested in discussing the currently public details.

        Currently, we only have your words and the leaked files to go by.

        For all I know, the 4chan kids are to blame for the excessive low-speed stability, because you are not providing any relevant information.


    1. Well, without evidence, I will go with my own impressions.
      I do not respect ‘developers’ that behave the way he has been acting.

      Anyways, was there a plan to release this as a paid mod, or are you just pissed that you have a mole?

      For the record, I don’t have a problem with paying for this content, IF you guys are capable of addressing opinions without acting like petulant children.

      If that isn’t possible, regardless of paywalls… Then I suppose it’s no big loss.

      Enjoy your private league, channeling the excessively-defensive spirit of Ian Bell isn’t going to get you very far.


      1. Nobody was going to make money on this. Good lord! Can’t people just make a mod for the sake of helping a great sim to have more quality content and expect others to respect AND wait for the official public release?!
        A lot of racing fans (well not me, since i only race online) are going to lose on this. As Daniel just posted in the forum the mod total size is 2gb and is counting with 233 cars for now. Some other GT3s were coming too.. but sure, keep calling us the bad guys. Will solve everything -_-“


      2. I’m not calling you bad guys. I’m saying you’re lashing out a bit against people who will gladly support you. I think the work deserves compensation, so if and when you guys decide it’s ready for the public, please put up a donation button.

        I really don’t like the fact that someone leaked and modified without permission, particularly since you guys clearly haven’t abandoned it.

        I will not install the stolen content.

        ‘A lot of racing fans are going to lose on this’ < this is what I don't really understand.

        You guys did the work (besides a few tweaks that I'm sure would have been addressed when it made sense to the team), you deserve the credit and I don't doubt that you can do a much better job than they can with their 'version' when given the time to do what you need to do in the order you see fit. The current status of development was misrepresented by the leaker.

        I would like to see you guys set the record straight (a process that has already begun) and move ahead, otherwise the leaker's false statements will be supported by the lack of the official, superior version.

        Just give it some thought. Anyone would be pissed off in the same position, so I can't blame you for that, either.


      3. Why would we owe you “evidence”? The community at EEC and the prime developer of the Mod don’t “owe” you anything. You review a “mod” that is not really a “mod” yet, that was stolen (yes from a mole that we will find) and blast it publicly. The responsible thing to do would have been to respect the hard work done to date on the Mod and support the developers who are justifiably upset that something they were not ready to release was stolen from them. I’m glad you don’t have a problem with paying for the mod (you must have thought it was pretty good then huh?). But don’t worry yourself…you won’t be getting it at any price, and neither will the community unless some folks focus on what is important to the entire Sim community.


      4. You made yourselves the bad guy by throwing a fit and taking your ball and going home over something most people are only aware of because of said fit. That should be easy enough to understand, right?


      5. Okay ‘decpau’.

        Firstly, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?

        I didn’t write the article, I am just a reader.

        Secondly, as I already said, I did NOT install the mod.

        Thirdly, I am NOT asking for evidence. I’m saying that without an official release, there’s nothing to counter the leakers claim. That’s your problem, not mine.

        Really, your bitchy little fit and lack of reading comprehension is tiring.

        I certainly will not be donating if you’re going to be receiving any of the proceeds.

        Again, I get the impression that the loudest here are not significantly involved in providing worthwhile contributions, because you sound like a bunch of small children who cannot grasp a few very simple concepts…

        Frankly, I’m quickly losing interest in the mod entirely.

        I have new beta GSCE content to test, and an AC update to test…. I doubt I would be spending much if any time with your official release anyways.

        Have fun with your ‘exclusive’ mod…lol


  8. How is the victim of theft the bad guy? Maybe it will cool down, maybe not, but continuing the conversation by pointing fingers at the EEC group is not going to earn any reconciliation from a very hurt and wronged development team. As far as taking the ball and going home… The ball was never supposed to be in the yard yet guys!! It was not painted or inflated yet. Someone stole it and put it in the yard and everyone is saying what a piece of crap ball it is… so yeah there are some pissed off folks at EEC.


    1. If you think the fact that James generally likes a mod that is 99.9% EEC content, content that EEC deems unfinished and not ready for release is a BAD thing, then I suppose you haven’t read his opinion on truly bad games and content…

      You’re becoming increasingly unreasonable. Take your mod and go away if this is how you’re going to behave.


    2. So you’re telling me I should call up EA and SMS right now and you’ll celebrate getting DMCA’d?

      You’re only punishing the people who were waiting, the people who “stole” already got something anyways. Hell by being the only version of the mod released it starts guaranteeing they get credit for EEC’s work.


  9. To the EEC guys here: Oh wow, you guys still think that this edit to your mod was done in order to steal the files from you and take credit for it all including the models? Top fucking kek. A few guys got a beta version, and decided to make edits using real world data (that they got from ACTUAL GT3 race teams. That YOUR TEAM turned down) and otherwise edit the physics and the cars to suit their own league racing – and then released it only to those league members to beta test and prepare for their league. No-one outside of that league would ever have seen the edited mod if it wasn’t for PretendRaceCars. The people who did the edits haven’t even put their own names on it because they don’t desire credit: check every file and there will no credit taken for any work in there. And the credits already there were removed from the physics files as they were virtually rewritten from the ground up. The issue here is PretendRaceCars misrepresenting the positions of both EEC and 4chan and creating butthurt and confusion where there really should be done.

    Frankly, keep your ball, we’ve got refueling working, we’ve already got people making skins, and our online test races have gone fine so far (touch wood). And the EEC beta version we have is less than a week old, so any bullshit about how you have a fixed copy that no-one has seen yet is just that, bullshit.

    Enjoy being autistic children, we’ll be over here having some fun in a load of cool GT3 cars.


    1. Not to mention, that nobody from 4chan ever claimed the mod was fixed. The modders were openly waiting for updates from the EEC end to finish the base of the mod up, and it was never meant to be released as a competitor – merely as a (still very much work in progress) fork of the original EEC mod.


  10. Thanks for your work OVG i really appreciate it. The EEC version was shit from the beginning your improvements are very good, now the cars feel like real racing cars not like some sort of SUV’s with understeer as hell


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