2015 Sprint Cup Series Mod *RELEASED* for NR2003

SprintCupModbWhile it won’t change the physics or make any real difference to how NR2003 handles, Bullring Motorsports have released their 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series mod for the aging oval racing sim.

Usually I’d be quick to shit on NR2003 mods, as the Cup2000 mod by TeamOm3ga was a disaster and arguably worse than the default models that shipped with the game, but this latest release by Bullring seems to rectify all of the issues with their previous Generation 6 mod – the cars are now significantly smaller and less boxy.

There’s no better way to demonstrate this than to line the new model up with the old model. The bottom car, from the newly released 2015 mod, is superior in nearly every way.


You can make this fantastic release even better with the NASCAR Racing 5 beta, which will add up-to-date physics for all three major NASCAR series to your NR2003 installation.


18 thoughts on “2015 Sprint Cup Series Mod *RELEASED* for NR2003

  1. Bullring did a good job on getting the new mod completed. Why you bash om3ga ? Is there something you are not telling everyone? They do good work there, sad that you do not like them. Will await some of your fine works then. Did you ever get those templates done from last few years or are you still working on them?


  2. Looks ok. not 100% spot on, but wil fit the need. So you think they were trying to replicate REAL cars? I do not think any game can get that close. They did a splendid job on providing the community with something to use that was not was not around before.

    Have not seen anything mod wise that you have done. so, until you do, keep your arm chair mod making comments to yourself. Real easy to be critical of others works, but until you have done something like that, you really have no room to talk, but bitching,whining,complaining seems to be the norm in the past 4 yrs or so.


  3. Glad you like it. You can not please everyone with every mod created for free for this game. But will await your more correct version.


    1. I don’t need to be some expert NR2003 modder to line up three pictures of the same car and see that the default model that ships with NR2003 is more accurate than a third party mod.


      1. The back end is particularly bad. I fail to see the point in re-modeling (or ripping) if the end result is decreased accuracy.


  4. Well glad you are only a critic and not really someone who can or will try to make it better. Seems to me that again, you got something you are not telling and have a hard on for Om3Ga. Does not matter to me one way or the other, that is you opinion. I do not go looking for faults in life and comment on then unless I can do better. Anyone can bitch about anything, the world is full of those who choose to make negative comments without doing anything much else in life.


    1. Don’t need to be a professional chef to know when you’ve eaten a shitty pizza. Don’t need to be an MLG PRO MODDER to know when car models aren’t accurate.


  5. Car shells are from Nascar Thunder. (I would suspect that means Om3ga didnt build them)
    If people would just read instead of spouting off those mouths they wouldnt look so stupid and invalid.


    1. Not sure I understand exactly.

      Either way, if a modder chooses to rip a poorly crafted model, I don’t see how that makes the situation any better.

      If it is nascar thunder model…Well, not only did they fail to at least create the model, they decided to rip a model that they could clearly see was rubbish.


  6. Damm slammed him . But then he is supposed to know it all,guess not huh? When is you or your “friend” going to release his self promoted templates? Has he not been working on them for over 4 years now?


  7. Just got to love those critics who talk smack about FREE Mods for a game. Over 90% of those who bitch, moan, complain never do anything other than grab files that other people create for the game. I know of a few people who d/l’s over 1,500 files with nothing to show for it and complain when a they lose access to a site.Then there are those once a car/truck is posted, SUGGEST what that person should do next. Heck, some do not even wait until the race has been run and request/look for them and either do inaccurate die casts proposed schemes, use blurry graphics off of real car/trucks missing logos, drivers and or pit crews not painted. All in the rush to get it out FIRST.. Seen this in many a site, and what gets me is people fawn all over the sub par work.

    All the tools anyone needs are out there for FREE, unless you are too lazy to try and make your own paint schemes.

    So, unless you have made or helped on a mod for the game you have no damm reason to complain. Make your own damm mod if you think you can do better. If not STFU !


    1. So if the new Star Wars movie ends up being 20 minutes long and they change Luke Skywalker’s name to Luke Mohammed, I have no right to complain because I’ve never made a movie? Gotcha.


  8. How did a movie get into this? All you tend to do is be critical of others works. Yet at the same time, got nothing to show for it. Here is a clue for you to listen to – James/Oggy/Weaver – you write in the same style, critical of same things, same screen shots.Never seen or heard of James/Oggy until Mr. Weaver got deep sixed by the nr2k3 people for running his mouth while being drunk.

    It turned into the world is against me, but in reality you put yourself in the position where you are now. Not all one sided as you claim it to be, but then again that is the only story you seem to promote like a broken record.

    You might think this is not so, but many others see it for what it is – a “pity party” For as long as you continue to bash or give one sided reads, you will not be able to move on in life. Thank you for sharing those files others wanted to keep in confidence. It seems now to promote online cheating. Might not be what you intended it to be, but that is the outcome of it. Just Ask Vasser or even this Andre Finori ! How can someone come out of nowhere and dominate online leagues? Plain and simple – HE CHEATS. He will also deny he was kicked from two leagues for doing it.


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