It appears that ARCA Sim Racing is now free

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We found this a while back but our impatience prevented us from testing it properly. TheSimFactory’s cult classic release ARCA Sim Racing, known among many communities as the best online stock car racing simulation ever released, appears to be totally free. And you can grab it here.

The download is a relatively small 1.5mb Launcher file that downloads the essential files for the game from an incredibly fast dedicated server. After installation, the launcher doubles as a server browser. There appear to be a handful of people still playing this game.

Installation instructions can be found below:

Game Stock Car Extreme players can drag and drop their entire UserData folder into the ASRX install to entirely bypass the dreaded configuration process. I’m happy to report that the Force Feedback settings are phenomenal, and the baseline setups that can be downloaded through the ASRX launcher simply needed only a steering lock change.

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Strangely, despite this being the most recent version of ARCA Sim Racing, Iowa Speedway is nowhere to be found in the list of active tracks, and the game’s default carset consists primarily of fictional liveries mixed with only a few notable ARCA drivers such as Frank Kimmel and Bobby Gerhart. The 2010 carset shown in previews on VirtualR is nowhere to be found in this installer.

TheSimFactory’s forums seem to be a ghost town and the game’s homepage is offline, so if you’ve ever been curious about this title, now’s your chance to try it out.

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